Thursday, January 28, 2016

Consigny – Why I regret Christiane Taubira – The Point

Christiane Taubira has the merit to know poems by heart at a time and from a political illiterate; it has the merit of talk without notes in an amnesiac time. It has many flaws, it is bombastic, sententious, often a bit messy in its arguments, many former employees deem it shows no great seriousness at work. She’s narcissistic, greedy media coverage, like most politicians. And its flights are not implemented. What did she do to French prisons? She has modernized our justice so complex, so slow, so archaic? Basically, we shall not put its assets that marriage for all, good reform is also the only one in the mandate of Francois Hollande. So it has just separated from that worn with great class, the only real change that has occurred because of him.

Going to not deny

The left cafouilleuse response to the attacks of November 13 has a name: the deprivation of nationality. Uncoordinated, in the cacophony, the Socialists are preparing to endorse this measure, which Christiane Taubira has publicly opposed. Not to deny, it was better, in fact, for the latter, leave the government. It is replaced by someone who, sitting on the separation of powers, recently proposed a merger between the Ministry of the Interior and of Justice, dangerous idea to perfection in a country regularly condemned by the European Court of Human Rights of man for various abuses of its law enforcement bodies.

No doubt, Urvoas Valls and gentlemen will agree, as the Prime Minister did not hesitate to declare that intended to maintain the state of emergency … to eradicate Daech! Or how the authorities are always tempted to abuse exceptional prerogatives they arrogate heavy weather. I personally regret Mrs Taubira and Alexandrine, her silk stoles with citrus colors, his fancy, lightweight and joy. We had probably France a Justice Minister more concerned to move his administration, but it was necessary in any case someone who does him honor, and that was the case.


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