Sunday, January 31, 2016

Cargo adrift: the weather makes it difficult for a new attempt to tow – Le Parisien

The Modern Express, ro-ro cargo ship 164 meters long carrying 3,600 tons of charged and construction equipment Wood, was Sunday at about 8:00 to about 116 km to the West of Arcachon Bay, after further its southwestern drift into the night, shows the maritime prefecture of the Atlantic. The ship slowed somewhat its drift Sunday morning, about 2 knots (3.7 km / h), but has traveled almost 100 km since Saturday morning. His cottage of 40-50 degrees, however, remains constant for three days, and it does not sink, a sign of the absence of a leak, had said Saturday Prefecture.

 VIDEO. The cargo ship, tossed by the waves, continues its drift (Navy)

The weather remains very unfavorable Sunday with winds of around 30-35 knots (55-64 km / h) and valleys up to six meters. Only a relative improvement was expected in the afternoon, with winds at 45-55 km / h. These conditions continue to make “very difficult” preparations for a tow, already frustrated Friday and Saturday by the weather.

can Beaching on the coast South West

Specialists in bailout Smit Salvage Dutch society, which were hoisted on the ship in distress Friday and Saturday “will still attempt to interfere Sunday,” said a portfolio Word of the prefecture, without guaranteeing a start towing would be possible. One point should be made in mid-day.

If a trailer is not possible, one week early in beaching on the Southwest coast “is one of the possible, if we do happen not to stop “, said Saturday a spokesman of the Prefecture, Commander Louis-Xavier Renaud, unspecified at this stage about scenarios or location. According surveyors, the stranding controlled, rather than a port, immediately seemed plausible scenario, given the inclination of the vessel.

“If ever they get to tow it, they’ll just be able to avoid it lands in a place that does not interest them, I do not see the back while in a port, this is Not possible. So it must be stranded on a beach without rocks so it does not deteriorate and a place that suits everyone to access it, cut, empty, “thought the surveyor Jacques Loiseau, former President AFCAN (French Association of shipmasters) and former merchant marine captain, including RoRo like Modern Express.

Not hazardous cargo on board

Dismantling on site, like the Spanish cargo Luno in 2014 on the beach of Anglet (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), or TK Bremen Maltese Morbihan on the beach in 2011? Refloating or, as the Dutch freighter Artemis in 2008 Les Sables d’Olonne (Vendee)? The option would depend in particular on the feasibility, opportunities unloading of the ship’s condition.

At least the Aquitaine coast with 230 km of sandy beach at the mouth of the Gironde to the south , presents a bench without stranding reefs, at least until the Basque Country. Maritime authorities said they were in connection with their Spanish counterparts. The prefecture relativize “the impact it would have on the environment, as there is no dangerous cargo on board, it’s wood. The only possible result of the possible rejection brêche gasoil bunkers during the grounding. ”

The Modern Express carries, besides its cargo, 300 tonnes of propulsion fuel oil – for comparison, the Prestige tanker sank in November 2002 off the coast of Galicia, was carrying 77,000 tons of fuel, including 63,000 tons were discharged into the ocean. The Modern Express, recently built (2001) and registered in Panama Tuesday had issued a distress signal at 280 km from the northwest tip of Spain, following a heavy list, possibly due to a cargo undocking. Its 22 crew were evacuated by Spanish helicopters.

VIDEO. The rescue of 22 sailors from “Modern Express” (Southwest)

VIDEO. A cargo ship in distress in the Bay of Biscay

VIDEO. Cargo adrift: the breaking of a cable foiled the attempt to tow


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