Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Agricultural crisis. Farmers began blockages West routes – Paris Normandy

The movement of anger started last week by breeders from west to request measures to address the crisis in the sector has hardened Wednesday with many blockages of roads, mainly in Britain, which feared a “black Wednesday” on the roads of the great west.

Traffic should be extremely hard Wednesday on the main roads as farmers expected this new day dams to “shout their distress” before a roundtable in the Prefecture of Brittany, Rennes Thursday.

By midmorning, more than a dozen dams were already in place in the regions Normandy, Brittany and Loire Valley.

The farmers began their day of action around 8:00 with about 40 agricultural units (tractor and trailer) and as many demonstrators who blocked the RN12 in Plounevez-Moëdec between Morlaix (Finistère) and Guingamp ( Cotes d’Armor), announced the Regional Centre for Information and traffic coordinations (CRICRs) West.

This major route of northern Britain has been targeted repeatedly last week by farmers.

Another roadblock was set up in the late morning in Merdrignac (Côtes d’Armor) west of Rennes, said the prefecture of Côtes-d ‘ Armor.

In the morning dams were also trained in the Morbihan, Baud (RN24) on the Rennes / Lorient, Cléguer (near Lorient, on the RD769) and Auray, on the N165, said the prefecture of the department. All the main roads leading to Lorient have been blocked.

Farmers’ rallies were also underway in the towns of Quimper, Brest and Morlaix in Brittany, as CRICRs West.

The N165 has it been blocked up to Quimperlé, between Lorient and Vannes, according to the prefecture of Finistère.

In Britain, the main roads including five national roads and the A84 should be cut in the day at different locations. Wednesday afternoon Rennes should thus find themselves surrounded by at least six dams blocking the main roads leading to the capital of Brittany.

Anger also happens in Normandy

In Normandy, the A84 motorway was blocked by farmers in both directions shortly after 10:00 am, up to Guiberville (Manche), said the CRICRs West.

Eure farmers dumped manure early Wednesday morning before the Socopa slaughterhouses (Bigard group) Neuburg. “We came to remind them that they must make efforts as producers who continually lose money while processors and retailers continue to win is no longer tenable” , told AFP Eric Chanu, general secretary of the FNSEA 27.

“But our main target today is the state. We will ask to meet with the sub-prefects of Bernay and Andelys and we’ll dump manure in front of the sub-prefectures to mark our passage, “he said.

The events will also affect other French agricultural regions like the North where thirty farmers block the customs post of Bettignies.

“Our occupation is symbolic because the customs post was particularly important in agricultural trade with Europe at the time of the borders that has abandoned all control now, “said Jean-Christophe Ruffin, vice president of the FDSEA North. “We’re in a situation where some farmers do not even have the courage to get up in the morning,” he said.

The western farmers had boosted their shares last week, including many road blocks, to obtain measures to address the low prices at which the pig, milk and beef are purchased by industrial processing.

The Minister Agriculture Stéphane Le Foll said Tuesday that the plan to support the beef, dairy and swine 700 million, launched last summer, would be increased by 125 million.

Since Wednesday, January 27, Norman farmers left their farms to express their anger at the continuous fall in prices. FNSEA 27 associated with the FNSEA 76 and JA de Haute-Normandie (Young Farmers) went into action as soon as 5:00 this morning with symbolic movements before the sub-prefectures of Bernay and Andelys.

In seine Mariritime five filter blockages are held from 14h today till about 17h:

– at the roundabout of Campeaux (exit A150) near Barentin

– at the roundabout of Mégival clinic in Dieppe “

– at the roundabout of the Moulin Ecalles near Yvetot

– at the roundabout of Saint-Jacques -on-Darnétal on the RN 31

– at the roundabout Manéglise the D 925 on the road to Le Havre in Goderville

The movement will continue tomorrow, Thursday:

– 9 am to 11 pm: protest outside the administrative city rue Saint-Sever in Rouen

– 11 am to 12 pm: traveling in convoy between the administrative city and the prefecture

Note that farmers intend “to lie” symbolically William bridge the Conqueror to mark their discontent

– 12 am to 14 pm. Picnic at the Rouen Prefecture followed a meeting with the Prefect of Normandy Region, Nicole Klein.

Friday after-noon, at Caen at the headquarters of the FDSEA (Colombelles), farmers are expected to bring together the Norman parliamentarians to discuss their problems and support they expect.

“The state is not up to facing the agricultural crisis, summarize the farmers. French agriculture is facing since long months in a deep crisis: current decline, still high charges and administrative and environmental constraints that accumulate. Consequences: treasuries in many farms are bloodless, farmers are discouraged and some stop breeding or even the craft. In this deep crisis, the state bears a heavy responsibility. Certainly, it can declare itself increased over but the Minister of Agriculture has he done all that was necessary at the roundtables this summer for a better distribution of added value within chains? Similarly, he has been sufficiently persuasive to get his European colleagues the establishment of mechanisms to relieve the various markets (milk, pigs, beef cattle) and enable the increased course? The Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, has also not met the commitments made during the announcement of the support plan last September 3 at the level of social measures on environmental break. “


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