Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Justice: Christiane Taubira resignation, replaced by Urvoas – The Point

The Justice Minister Christiane Taubira, opposed to the constitutional reform of forfeiture of nationality, resigned to Francois Hollande, who appointed the member of the Finistère Jean-Jacques Urvoas to replace, do we learned Wednesday morning at the Elysee. Francois Hollande and Christiane Taubira “agreed on the need to terminate his functions at the time when the debate on the constitutional revision opens at the National Assembly today (Wednesday) in the Committee on Laws,” wrote the Elysee in a statement Christiane Taubira “will be conducted with conviction, determination and talent Reform of Justice and played a major role in the adoption of the marriage for all”, welcomed Francois Hollande.

“Sometimes resist is stay sometimes withstand, is from. Out of loyalty to self, to us. For the last word in ethics and law, “for his part tweeted Christiane Taubira. The former MP for Guyana said she was “proud” of his Vendôme share since 2012. In particular, the Parliament passed the law opening marriage to same-sex couples. “Justice has gained in strength and vitality. As those who dedicate themselves every day to, I dream undefeated, “she wrote. Near Manuel Valls, an expert on security issues, Jean-Jacques Urvoas (56) is the current Chairman of the Committee on Legislation of the National Assembly. It was in this capacity on a mission to find a solution to the constitutional reform of the deprivation of nationality, which Christiane Taubira had publicly opposed several times.

Jean-Jacques Urvoas “will alongside the Prime Minister, the constitutional review and prepare the legislation to strengthen the fight against organized crime and the reform of criminal procedure, “said the Elysee. Manuel Valls must defend Wednesday morning before the Committee on Laws of the Assembly constitutional reform desired by Francois Hollande after the November attacks. This provides for the entrenchment of the state of emergency decreed on November 13 and the executive which is also considering the extension for three months, and the inclusion in the constitution of deprivation of nationality for French born and binational convicted terrorist crime. But this last point arouses strong opposition, especially on the left, and the executive is considering withdrawing the reference to the dual nationality of the draft constitutional law.


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