Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Brief bomb threat in six high schools in Paris – Le Monde

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According to the Academy of Paris, alerts were lifted in early afternoon in five high schools. Condorcet, Fenelon, Henri IV, Louis-le-Grand and Montaigne

All the establishments have received anonymous phone call mid-morning, between 10 h 20 h 20 and 11 depending on the case, police said. These calls, almost identical, reported that parcel bombs were found in schools, according to the rector.

Peter schoolboy at Henri-IV, testified on World

“To get everyone out, they made sound the fire alarm. We are used to evacuation drills, students are left in peace. After thirty minutes, they took us out, and we stayed in the street, inside a safety perimeter. Students in some classes were allowed to make phone calls, but not in others, not to frighten the parents.

Then we were asked to go home we or friends, near the high school, and come every hour to see if it was reopened and if we could get our business. Apparently, other college students are still confined in the courtyard, waiting for deminers have finished their work. “

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