Thursday, January 28, 2016

For Bernard Tapie, Christiane Taubira will “return to his reading” – Le Figaro

SCAN THE POLICY – Top candidate of the Radical Left Party in the European elections 1994 alongside Christiane Taubira, the businessman talks about the fate of the former minister .

Bernard Tapie did not forget to pay tribute to Christiane Taubira. In an interview with Libération, the former head of the list of the Radical Left Party in the European elections of 1994 wanted to defend his running mate at the time, who left Wednesday the government. “His departure is bad for everyone, there is no winner,” says Bernard Tapie, before observing that “Taubira to Macron, the government could embody an assembly line, diversity, provided to accept them for what they are. ”

Tapie, the now former Minister of Justice embodies “the left of the heart, sometimes utopian, it is good from time to time.” He said the government demanded too large a concession on the part of his Minister. “If it’s vital for the country, you can take the risk of losing Christiane Taubira. But obviously, the forfeiture of nationality is useless, except to proclaim “I’m holding!” That’s a bullshit unnamed “said the former member of the Bouches-du-Rhône. Asked about the traces it will leave Vendôme, the former Minister of Justice François Mitterrand that there are “three people (who) changed the company: Simone Veil with abortion, Robert Badinter with the abolition of the death penalty and Christiane Taubira with marriage for all “. Before adding this tribute: “It marked the social history forever by his talent”

What about the future of Taubira.? “Knowing her, it’s not going to happen that the Greens or the slingers hope,” thinks the former member of the PRG. The implication, she joined the left wing of the Socialist Party to strengthen the anti-government revolt in the prospect of participation in a hypothetical primary left. “It will not be that, it might be: I go back where I came from, I retrourne to my readings. She still taught economics in Canada! “Recalls Tapie, adding that the former Minister of Justice” goes missing to the left, to the right, to all who are interested in policy. Rather, it is to the tendency not to do. ”

On the show “Secret Conversations”, broadcast on the day of his resignation, Christiane Taubira is back on the complicated relationship she had with the businessman, despite the political battle that they were able to carry side by side there are more than 20 years. Grateful to Bernard Tapie a “tremendous energy”, his way of doing politics with a deductible “sometimes brutal,” the former minister said that he and “fritent soon” and had a fight “every day” .


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