Thursday, January 28, 2016

New threats aimed five Parisian schools – Le Figaro

Students from high schools Charlemagne, Condorcet, Hélène Boucher, Louis-Le-Grand and Victor Hugo were sheltered Thursday. Two of these institutions have already been targeted by a bomb threat this week.

As a result of new threats, several Parisian high schools were evacuated Thursday morning. An important police device currently secures the scene. “The students of high schools Charlemagne, Condorcet, Hélène Boucher, Louis-Le-Grand and Victor Hugo are sheltered by the safety information provided by each institution,” said the Paris Academy. It is not a bomb threat, but a threat of another nature, added the Rector of Paris without giving further details. Three of these schools – Charlemagne, Louis the Granc and Condorcet – had already been the target of threats this week. “We do not exclude that this is the same raven, the terms of the message being strangely similar,” tells the Le Figaro a police source.

On Tuesday, six prestigious Parisian establishments, schools Charlemagne, Fenelon, Montaigne, Condorcet, Henri-IV and Louis-le-Grand, had received anonymous calls between 10:20 ET 11:20. These, nearly identical, indicating the presence of packages being trapped in their enclosures. The students had quickly taken cover, according to security plans tailored to each institution, while the demining teams seeking these potential suspicious packages. The bomb threat was finally lifted in late afternoon. The same day, 14 British schools had also received anonymous calls that followed the same procedure.

These threats are taken very seriously in the current context. France is on alert since the attacks of January 2015 against Charlie Hebdo and supermarket hide the Porte de Vincennes and those of November in Paris and Saint-Denis. Paris and London, which are part of the coalition against the Islamic state, have been covered namely the weekend by a video of the terrorist organization propaganda. And in his number late November, the French group’s propaganda magazine, Dar-al-Islam , has targeted teachers, accused of being “open war against the Muslim family” and called for the “kill”.


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