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Understand everything about twenty arrondissements of Paris – The World

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  • A capital divided into twenty arrondissements

is Paris with Lyon and Marseille, the only French city to be organized into districts. In the capital, it dates from the nineteenth th century, when the law of 17 February 1800 formalized the City in twelve “municipal districts” .

organization will remain unchanged until 1860, when Paris goes to twenty districts, encompassing the towns of the small suburb. The numbering spiral is then introduced, starting from the center of the city and turning it clockwise a watch.

With the project proposed by Anne Hidalgo, which provides for the approximation of the 1 st 2 th 3 th and 4 th districts, Paris would rise to seventeen districts in 2020.

All of these proposals from the conclusions of the working group set up in October by the city to consider redesigning the status of the capital.

Anne Hidalgo justifies this change by the concern of “better democratic representation” the Parisians. The aedile also highlights a population deviation “considerable” between the twenty arrondissements. This disparity is a barrier to “users equal treatment of” to the local utility, according to the latter.

By coming together, the first four boroughs count 103 000 inhabitants . What remains still half that of the most populous borough, 15 th district inhabited at 1 st in January 2015, more than 230 000 inhabitants.

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  • Skills limited Mayor

Each borough has its town hall. Municipal elections Parisian voters, as well as Lyon and Marseille, vote for their borough mayor. They then meet in Paris council to elect the city’s mayor

The city fathers of the twenty arrondissements have a mainly administrative role.

  • particular they occupy to celebrate weddings. And it is in that district councils are all administrative offices: civil status, identity documents, identification
  • the mayor is involved in the allocation of half of housing Social located in his district; manages public facilities such as schools, gyms, crèches and play areas; it has a consultative role on projects of city hall concerning his district;
  • However, the district is deprived of its own budget, which can not levy taxes: it receives an allocation of the part of the central city;
  • the desired reforms by M me Hidalgo proposes to give more powers to the district mayors, in housekeeping, the fight against incivilities . or urban policy

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Since 2001, the capital is governed by a Socialist mayor Bertrand Delanoe between 2001 and 2014 and Anne Hidalgo since April 2014. In terms of districts, the capital is divided into two almost equal manner. The left (Socialist Party and Europe Ecology-Greens) direct eleven districts in the east of the capital, while the right holds nine, rather located in the west.

With the new redistricting The mayor says these political balance will be maintained. According to the explanatory note of the project desired by Anne Hidalgo, the merger would allow the maintenance “nine mayors of eight against the majority of the opposition”. Currently, 3 th and 4 th boroughs are run by socialists, the 2 th is administered by an ecologist and 1 st with Republicans

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