Sunday, January 31, 2016

Presidential: the left wing of the Socialist Party wants a primary –



A vote is  requested. / Photo DDM archives

                                 A vote is requested. / File photo DDM


The leaders of the left wing of the PS have unanimously approved a text calling yesterday the party to participate in the organization to designate a primary candidate left at the 2017 presidential election, said their leader Christian Paul. “We call on our party, the Socialist Party, to engage (…) and now take full part in the organization of citizens’ primary left and environmentalists for the election of 2017″, reads in the text, approved at a meeting of the National Assembly responsible for the motion B (“Left to Win”). They will hold their first meeting Wednesday in Paris.

The text of the motion stresses that primary B would be an opportunity to “take stock” of five years, to produce “a great democratic event” to avoid the “multiplication of candidates” in the first round of the presidential and ultimately erasing the left and environmentalists.

As the co-founder of the Left Party refuses Jean-Luc Mélenchon priori to participate in the exercise, the motion called B not to let “anyone a veto right on (the) primary. Everyone is free to contribute to it. But no one can stop. ” The first secretary of the PS Jean-Christophe Cambadélis had left the door open to a primary, provided it concerns the whole political spectrum “(Emmanuel) Macron to Mélenchon.” Motion B (“Left to Win”) had gathered 28.5% of the votes in the first round of the Congress of Poitiers in June 2015.

The leaders of EELV and PCF have already and already in favor of a primary. The Communist Party organizes from tomorrow its first “Monday left – open door 2017″ in this context. Personalities, actors and actresses of associations, trade unions and political, of the world of culture and research are invited to participate. The debate could also invite next Sunday at a meeting at the Mutualité section secretaries of the PS around Cambadélis J-C.


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