Friday, January 22, 2016

State of emergency: the State Council has suspended a first arrest – TF1

He prepared a attack ? No, he was visiting his mother … The State Council suspended Friday for the first time under house arrest, in severe terms, and open debate on the duration of the emergency. The highest administrative court, properly seized about house arrest since the proclamation of a state of emergency after the attacks of November 13 , also ordered the state to pay 1500 euros the person concerned.

The State Council has dismantled the arguments of the Ministry of Interior, who Halim Abdelmalek, house arrest on December 15 in Vitry-sur-Seine, would be a radical Islamist and dangerous. For the court, “any sufficiently detailed evidence produced by the Interior Minister is justified by” the accusation.

The interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve , the State Council convened on January 21, which was represented, s’ is guilty of a “serious and manifestly illegal freedom to come and go.” The authorities claimed that Halim especially Abdelmalek was reported May 13 taking pictures near the home of a journalist of Charlie Hebdo.

“Criminalizing that you want, however you want, when you want”

The Council of State, which a rare thing, devoted two hearings on the record, determined that the man was visiting his mother, living “close”. Moreover, the applicant had used his phone on speaker mode more convenient because he had his scooter helmet on the head. A position that has been “confused with that of a person taking photographs”

Another accusation, based on “white notes” of the intelligence services, neither dated nor signed. Abdelmalek would Halim been implicated in a luxury car traffic facilitated by members of the Islamist movement. It was in fact “as a witness” in 2008 on this issue which nothing proves with certainty that it is related to radical Islamism, bombard administrative judges.

This suspension “was achieved at the cost of mobilizing non-stop for several days to remove the arbitrary,” told lawyers for the person concerned, William Bourdon and Vincent Brengarth. And comparing the white notes to “lettres de cachet” to “criminalize whoever we want, as we want, when we want.”

For them, the decision “very severe”, “illustrates the relevance of the concerns of those many who are sounding the alarm over the sudden turn in our safe country”. Abdelmalek Halim had been under house arrest with the obligation to point three times a day to the police, forbidden to leave his home at night, and leave the town without the day safe conduct of the police prefect. Manager of a payday company of two wheels in Paris, he had challenged this measure before the Administrative Court of Melun, unsuccessfully, and then appealed to the State Council.

VIDEO. “A small victory” for Halim Abdelmalek


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