Friday, January 22, 2016

Chinese Flayed: 20 years in prison for the nurse, the paid companion – Le Figaro

The French Justice condemned recognized Chinese nurse guilty of killing and dismembered parents of a baby, died accidentally, she had custody. The bodies were then scattered in the Vincennes forest.

The jury followed the submissions of the Advocate General, which had rejected the thesis of self defense argued by counsel for the nanny, Zhang Hui, and felt that nothing could prove that his companion Te Lu, himself had worn mortal blows. Thus, the French court sentenced Chinese nanny to 20 years in prison, convicted of killing and dismembered parents of a baby, died accidentally, she had custody. The jury of the Paris Assize Court, however, have acquitted her companion, who appeared at his side.

“When I read the record, I was struck by the horror of what had happened, to imagine the smell of blood, the butchery in the bathroom, this violence, this hard times “, said Julien Eyraud Advocate General before calling jurors to exceed this macabre vision to stick to the evidence. “It is no use of hypothetical elements of material elements but it’s less reason to believe that, do not say ‘it’s disgusting, so they + are guilty,” he shouted .

He said the nurse, Hui Zhang, who admitted the double murder, could not prove self-defense. The magistrate held that “the only trace of humanity” as the nurse has demonstrated in the case, it is in his role of “mother”. “She had only one beacon in the night, save time to save himself and save his son.” “It is not a chance for me to be alive, to live with that guilt, c is a real torture “, said the accused at the end of the debate explaining keep” faith “to find his son and tell him what happened. She said he was “honest” during the trial and said his “remorse” to the victims

 Me Eric  Dupond-Moretti, lawyer Te Lu

Eric Dupond-Moretti Me, lawyer Lu Te Copyright:

” I hope you understand the vortex of misery that we lived, our sincerity and our regrets, “said his companion. Conversely, there was no evidence that the latter, Te Lu, himself had worn mortal blows, felt the Advocate General. “As Advocate General, I’m not here to ask for a favor but the benefit of our common rules,” argued Eric Dupond-Moretti Me, lawyer Te Lu. He recalled that a mere presence of his client on the scene of the tragedy were not enough to prove “a joint action or complicity” and recalled that the investigators themselves had agreed at the hearing that “no evidence before the Court allowed to say” that he had ” participated in the murders. “

The nanny has admitted killing in 2012 a couple of countrymen during an altercation at his home after the accidental death of their baby that she kept. The young woman, now aged 34, had brought her home with the intention of offering them a financial arrangement if they agreed to waive declare the death of their son, but the encounter went wrong.

Hui Zhang admitted killing the victims with a hatchet, and having cut their bodies into a bath before getting rid of the pieces the wood of Vincennes, east of Paris, and in bins. But the nurse also claimed that he had to defend himself after being attacked by armed parents with a butcher knife. His companion, also 34, said to have vanished after being injured in the fight and being in a daze while his companion cut up the body.

 Me  Alexis Guedj, counsel for the nurse

Me Alexis Guedj, counsel for the nurse Copyright:

” This case awakens in us feelings morbid but you are there to tell the right, “said the jury of the nurse’s lawyer, Mr. Alexis Guedj, pleading self-defense. “The prosecution has failed to prove that there were murders,” felt he was reversing the Crown’s argument. “My client was strangled, cut, scratched in the scuffle is attested. What is that allows us not to believe? Why would she have his word less weight? Self-defense is here fully characterized, “said he insisted after explaining that the nurse was” no longer itself “after” these successive shocks “when she dismembered the body.

The accused had surrendered themselves to the police, after briefly returned to China. If they say they have always wanted to come back, the police suspect of having been forced to escape the death penalty. A wanted notice had been issued in China, citing them by name as having been linked to the disappearance of a Chinese family.


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