Thursday, January 28, 2016

Confidences Christiane Taubira “the proud” – L’Express

A book in preparation, announced aptly, a carefully orchestrated handover, helmet included, and the same evening of his resignation, a “conversation” urban with the master of the genre, Michel Denisot on Canal + Who could believe Wednesday at 21 hours, settling in front of his TV to follow it without illusion, that the starting Christiane Taubira had caught short?

No primer Taubira

The program also begins with a false confidence – who would have thought? The MC says he already knew, since recording, January 21, the decision of the minister. A summary of her speech five days later, on 26, before leaving office Place Vendome. Close the ban.

Unless a short return to his new career of former minister, late show, when Christiane Taubira will make his only real political revelation that it will present to potential primary left , Denisot then talk about something else. And that’s good: it likes it or not, whatever the look that lands on its balance sheet, it is known Thursday morning why the former Minister of Justice also occupies a special place in public life French.

Question style, “big mouth up and verb.” Like when she protested when he was reminded that four different directors have succeeded in his office: “I do not wear, I exhausted,” she replies, grinning the eye.

Taubira “the proud”

Or it evokes the attacks which she was the target for his four years of portfolio, “even when I do not say, “and those who wear them, it returns fissa on the ropes:” nothing.. It can not be proud in any way the views of these people do not count That poses a problem has to do them, not with me. ”

Random a plane in a car, we see two police officers in civilian clothes and motorcycle; several times during the show, passersby stop him, to tell him their admiration, the two facets of Christiane Taubira, threatened and hated or loved. “Compliments, it brings me happiness!” she is having fun.

Taubira “the proud” chin up, but bubbly when she talks about her relationship, despite its distant education with religion.

“We talk, we talk about it …”

Taubira has structured its fight against racism and for the memory of slavery and the authors who have made masterpieces, Aimé Césaire and Toni Morrison among others. Why does it excite more racist than others? “Because I bother.” But these attacks, “they aim beyond me.” And “never hurt me.” Pride, always.

On his past pro-independence Guyana – Guyana where it will recharge before considering more: “No one will deny me that.” And violence? “At evokes it was enough to sneeze to be stopped. That’s the truth, the rest, we talk, we talk about it … These are gossip, speculate.”

Finally, a cry of love to her husband yet she left, but she still loves, and “when I love, I love passionately” – no one believes hesitation.

And a little angry, the only a time when Christiane Taubira have laughed, smiled, will be visibly had fun, as already liberated from the weight of his office: Michel Denisot when she reminds him was charged with presenting to the 2002 presidential election, having lost Lionel Jospin and propelled Jean-Marie Le Pen in the second round.

The time also say that his relationship with the press and media reports of heartbreak. “Everything is going pretty fast,” worries Christiane Taubira. That’s right, time is short, but you come out with the feeling of having had a good time with it, failing to know much more. Michel Denisot does not scratch, but it’s a delightful host. That’s something.


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