Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Forty shots fired in the jungle of Grande-Synthe – Le Figaro

A shooting broke out in the camp located on the outskirts of Dunkirk. Two wounded, a bullet and another with knives, are reported.

“Forty shots were heard on Grande-Synthe camp, “said David Michaux, CRS country representative of the UNSA-Police, citing police present at the camp at the time. After this incident, two minor injuries are regrettable, one shot and the other with knives, the union leader added. All were transported to the hospital in Dunkirk.

“A squadron of gendarmes was about Grande-Synthe camp this afternoon, they heard gunshots, according to their estimates forty “says union leader. Very quickly CRS and gendarmes have been dispatched to secure the scene and try to stop the perpetrator or perpetrators of these shots. “In total, nearly 500 police officers were present. Two CRS companies – sixty men each – two gendarmerie squads – 70 people per squadron – men of the police and members of the specialized forces were mobilized, “explains David Michaux

” A form of punitive expedition against the Christians “

They conducted an extensive search of the camp. “It is now over, men have found five sockets, one was struck. But for the time, or the perpetrators have not been arrested, “the union official. “It is very difficult to understand someone, the camp is located on a wooded and swampy terrain,” says union leader. “A problem of religion is the cause of the brawl that pitted members of the camp,” says union leader. It evokes a “form of punitive expedition against the Christians. The religious rivalries are nothing new in the camp. “The situation is worse than at Calais,” says David Michaux.

At least 2,500 people live together on this camp on the outskirts of Dunkirk and forty kilometers from Calais. The camp population is 95% Kurdish. Syrian Kurds, Iraqi, and Iranian and networks of smugglers who do not wish to stay in France. All have only one dream: to go to England



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