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IMAGES. Christiane Taubira: four years Justice in ten sentences shock – L’Express

She had to wear a constitutional reform, desired by François Hollande, but it will be without her. Christiane Taubira left the government on Wednesday on a “major political disagreement”. The former Minister of Justice has never embarrassed to say out loud what she thought. Illustrated examples:

Christophe Josset

AFP / THOMAS SAMSON (photo editing)

It became an icon of the left is a specialist in political speeches peppered with literary references, often borrowed from poetry

LIVE & gt;. & gt; The political reaction after the announcement of the resignation of Christiane Taubira

When leaving for a press conference, she cites Césaire: “We do not deliver to the world of blades assassins” The resigned minister is a lyrical allusion to the revision of the Constitution. for the forfeiture of nationality, pushed by the “terrorist threat”


And this is the same political project that she disapproves, beyond the method. Worth -rebaptisée- national indignity “would be a symbolic act but the symbols carry their loads,” she explained on France Inter last week. A symbol that she “would not have claimed,” a way to mark its disapproval officially recorded with President Francois Hollande and his decision after the November and January attacks on Paris and its region.

Christophe Josset

REUTERS / Charles Platiau (photo editing)

But his resignation from the guard post Minister of Justice also wishes to other political reasons between Manuel Valls and the relations became tense.. his replacement, Jean-Jacques Urvoas, is also a relative of the former mayor of Ivry “I can not stand to have a boss, “she slipped in the New York Times in 2013. The Prime Minister himself, whatever happens will present the latest version of the legislation by Wednesday evening.

Christophe Josset

AFP / PATRICK KOVARIK (photo editing)

The break with the leaders of State and government was actually cohosh since Saturday, according to the entourage of Francois Hollande. The three arrived at the conclusion “common and shared that consistency was to lead to his departure from government.” Christiane Taubira said on his Twitter feed shortly after the official announcement, his version of events: “Sometimes resist is to remain, it is sometimes resist leaving.”

Christophe Josset

REUTERS / Charles Platiau (photo editing)

In nearly four years, the ex-Minister of Justice has become an icon of the left for fights and projects she wore. Especially that of the reform of gay marriage. Hollande hailed the “important role” played to lead his campaign promise “with conviction, determination and talent.” His exchanges with MPs on this theme punctuate heated debates in the National Assembly before the final adoption in April 2013.

 Christophe Josset

AFP / PIERRE VERDY (photo editing)

The marriage for all notably made it a favorite target of the right, the extreme right and racist attacks. Faced with criticism from the opposition “living in an igloo”, it still responds with the verve of the poet: “You can keep the eyes stubbornly focused on the past.” In a line that sometimes rants, she responds with René Char, Emmanuel Levinas, the Guyanese poet Léon Damas, and excerpts from the civil code.

Christophe Josset

AFP / FRANCOIS GUILLOT (Photo montage)

” This violence is immeasurable ” she believes in Paris Match last year, recalling that these attacks personally to take place since his arrival, May 17, 2012, shortly after the election of Francois Hollande. A hatred it faces: “They will not have my suicide,” loose the resigning minister at the weekly

 Christophe Josset


His style was also of the franchise, not hesitating to tackle a journalist whose remarks displease him. As David Pujadas, who did “not control things” during transmission Words and deeds in September 2013.

Christophe Josset

REUTERS / Philippe WOJAZER (photo editing)

To the journalists of World in 2014 that insist on the contradictions about the case Listens Nicolas Sarkozy, having wielded unwisely readable document at a press conference, she replies: “I’m an Amazonian witch, There are limits to my power “

 Christophe Josset

REUTERS / Jacky Naegelen (photo editing)

facetious, of the old guard Seals do not hesitate to embellish his tax flashes of humor. Tired from a trip to Guyana, she assures with a smile having “an old woman’s body and a timetable maiden” Marianne .

Christophe Josset

AFP / EMMANUEL DUNAND (photo editing)

The latest example (bonus) of its special communication: it ignores is Marine Le Pen during an interview with the channel i & gt; TV, there is a year more A picnic in the list of a gender specialist



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