Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Trial of Nantes evil: 30 and 25 years imprisonment for the accused – ladepeche.fr

Accused of murdering his wife in March 2013, Didier Barbot was sentenced yesterday to 30 years imprisonment by the Assize Court of Loire Atlantique. His accomplice and mistress Stephanie Livet, has meanwhile sentenced to 25 in prison.

They had disguised the murder of Anne Barbot disappearing and pushed up the vice participate in research so that to white marches in his memory. Didier Barbot and his mistress, Stephanie Livet, nicknamed the “diabolical lovers” were sentenced yesterday by the Assize Court of Loire-Atlantique 30 and 25 years in prison.

These penalties are consistent with the requirements of the general counsel and were greeted in silence by the accused.

Both were convicted of premeditated death to Anne Barbot, 38, by organizing an ambush .

“Finding a solution”

Background. Early 2013, Stephanie Livet separates from her husband. This caregiver 40 years since 2010 maintained an affair with Didier Barbot, 42 year-old farmer, himself married to Anne Barbot. Didier Barbot then “afraid to face” his wife and confess his affair.

Under the terms of the Advocate General, it was necessary to “find a solution”. This will be sharp. On the night of 15 to 16 March 2013, so the two lovers decide to get Anne Barbot in the garage of his home Vritz, where she was beaten and strangled. To cover up the murder, Didier and Stephanie Barbot Livet then place the body of the victim in the trunk of his car they burn in a forest located 15 km away. The next day, Didier Barbot reported himself the disappearance of his wife to the police station and took the lead research to find her.

The charred body of Anne Barbot will eventually discovered March 28. But no autopsy will determine the exact cause of death. After eight months of investigation, the Machiavellian couples eventually to confess, November 26, 2013

At the trial, the Advocate General has tried to summarize the share of responsibility of each of the accused. ” Didier Barbot It’s me, I will knock but I do not assume. Stephanie and I Livet I finished, but I do not burn. ” During the seven days of hearings before the Assize Court, each gave his version of the facts by minimizing its role. He continued: “They made a choice to two, they are both in the manipulation.” The fatal intention was mentioned for the first time by the accused who has “got the idea.” But “this is Stephanie,” which was to “neutralize Anne” because he “did not force” him to kill her.

“Didier Barbot was the bomb and Stephanie the Livet detonator “

The Advocate General, however, it has a” fundamental difference “between the two accused:” Didier Barbot killed his own wife, Stephanie Livet a rival. The preparation of the assassination, it is clearly the prerogative of Didier Barbot. Livet Stephanie joined the project, but it is not she who leads the dance. “

In one of the lawyers of Didier Barbot,” These are murderers by accident. Not devilish lovers, but lost lovers and self-centered. ” At the hearing his client expressed regret: “I destroyed Anne, her family and mine. My father has never returned, I dirtied the name Barbot (…). And then I also destroyed all my friends, I betrayed them, I lied to them, I ask their forgiveness too. ” His accomplice was on the same wavelength: “I ask forgiveness. What I did was unforgivable. ” Regrets that does not have softened the verdict of the court sitting.


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