Saturday, January 23, 2016

A petition for the grace of Jacqueline Wild –

Between 100 and 200 people demonstrated yesterday in Paris to ask the grace of Jacqueline Wild, sentenced to ten years in prison for killing her abusive husband. “I’m Jacqueline Wild,” “Walking Tall, free Jacqueline,” proclaimed placards of the demonstrators gathered at the call of feminist collectives, in front of the Bastille Opera. Including an appeal heard by actress anny duperey.

“While she killed, it is not an acquittal, it is, in light of what she suffered , to take into account and to say that it is completely unfair to confine decade and more after all that, “said the actress. “This is a case of legitimate defense, despite everything,” she said.

“It is still in a protest against arbitrariness against a court against a jury of assizes has understood nothing to domestic violence, which did not understand the phenomena of influence that the executioners have on the victims, who did not understand the repetition, which has understood nothing of it, and felt like that, strictly speaking, on self-defense “, was indignant on her side Suzie Rojtman, spokesman of the National Collective for Women’s Rights.

A petition calling for presidential pardon was also launched. She had gathered yesterday afternoon nearly 312,000 signatures, according to the website Nevertheless, “we still have no answer,” lamented Veronica Guegano, recalling that “134 women die every year at the hands of their spouse.”

Jacqueline Wild, 66, was sentenced to ten years in prison for killing her husband of three shots in the back in 2012, after years of marital hell because of beatings and sexual abuse of her and her children.


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