Monday, January 25, 2016

Barbot trial: 30 years’ imprisonment for the husband, his mistress for 25 years – Liberation

Didier Barbot and his mistress Stephanie Livet were sentenced Monday to 30 and 25 years’ imprisonment for the murder of the wife of the accused in 2013, penalties comply with the requirements of the Advocate General, they have received in silence, after a little over three hours of deliberations.

“Didier Barbot is reeling from the conviction. He must digest, think about it this trial was long, tiring “, reacted shortly after the statement of Franck Boezec verdict, one of the lawyers of the accused, farmer 42 years old. Ms. Livet, a former caregiver of 40, also will “take the time to think” , and question the possibility of a call after that “excessive sentence “, according to his lawyer, Céline Pellerin-Goubaud.

The accused, who requested ” forgiveness “ to the family of the victim, Anne Barbot, and his relatives, before the court retires to deliberate, did not flinch at the back of the jurors, while civil parties left the room in tears. “This is a momentous decision, a significant sanction that is the fault of the height” , said Louis-René Penneau, including defending the mother and one of the sisters Anne Barbot murdered at the age of 38, after being drawn the garage of his home in Vritz (Loire-Atlantique), where she was beaten and strangled. Then his body, placed in the trunk of his car had been burned in a forest, about 15 km away, in the night of March 15 to 16, 2013.

The court followed the submissions of The prosecutor, Peter Dupire, who asked in the morning “a sentence appropriate to everyone.” “They made a choice to two, they are both in handling” , he had insisted, however within a “fundamental difference” between the two accused: “Didier Barbot killed his own wife, Stephanie Livet a rival. (…) The preparation of the assassination, it is clearly the prerogative of Didier Barbot. Stephanie Livet, it adheres to the project (…), but it is not she who leads the dance. “

” accountability Difference “

less than a month before the incident, Anne Barbot had purchased life insurance, and an adoption application made by the couple in summer 2010 was about to arrive, said the public prosecutor. For its part, Stephanie Livet had just separated from her husband, and he had left the matrimonial home. This required “find a solution” , stressed the Advocate General. “Didier Barbot was the bomb and Stephanie Livet detonator” , he shouted.

For me Penneau, the “difference of responsibility between Stephanie Livet and Didier Barbot means. It showed a sincere form of love when he showed himself cold, calculating “. During the seven days of hearings before the Assize Court, each of the accused had given his version of events, the “truth” , minimizing its role. “I am Didier Barbot, I will knock but I do not assume. Stephanie and I Livet I finished, but I do not burn “, had summarized the Advocate General.

” We were waiting for the truth and has not had entire “, regretted Nathalie Valade, counsel for the mother and two sisters Didier Barbot, who were civil parties. “It is not apparent for a number of years” in prison, she was nevertheless satisfied. Didier Barbot had himself reported the disappearance of his wife to the police the day after the events, and then took the lead research to find her.

The charred body of Anne Barbot was discovered March 28 but the autopsy did not determine the exact cause of death. Didier and Stephanie Livet Barbot, who maintained an extramarital relationship since September 2010, had come to make a confession, November 26, 2013, after eight months of investigation. The defendants were liable to imprisonment for life.



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