Wednesday, January 27, 2016

LIVE – The transfer of power between Taubira and Urvoas scheduled this afternoon – Le Figaro

Jerome Fourquet, director of IFOP opinion department, said that the resignation of Christiane Taubira is the symbol of a “new breaking” and a “new take away” from an electorate of the traditional left vis- à-vis the government.

Taking Francois Hollande complicated history reports with a significant portion of the left, the analyst Ifop emphasizes that the Communists and the Left Front have never entered the government, unlike in 1981 and 1997 that environmentalists have resigned in 2014. The resignation of Christiane Taubira, “icon to the left of values” , devoted, in his eyes, a distance of some electoral clienteles of the PS, including the teaching world and public employees. “Little by little, the whole parts of the left electorate stand” , he summarizes in judging this “worrying” situation the majority.

What is for Jerome Fourquet, the political future of Christiane Taubira? Those claiming a primary left have not yet found the leader likely to embody the alternative to Francois Hollande. “All this may be reflected,” concludes Jérôme Fourquet, “for Taubira is an icon of the militant left. With this resignation and current challenges, from the socialist nuclear core, you feel an urge to derail the writing process by the PS “.

Interview by Emmanuel Galiero


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