Friday, January 29, 2016

Christiane Taubira resignation: the heavy silence of Holland – Le Parisien

“Holland wanted to keep, Valls was to be responsible to pass the constitutional revision time until the storm passes and prepare a real reshuffle. His departure makes the following very complicated. “The silence of the head of state gives a sign of the” stunning “that still prevails at the Elysee, in the words of a familiar palace.

Manuel Valls, by contrast, benefited yesterday from his vows to the press to boldly take the departure of his Justice Minister. “She will miss the government but consistency meant that from the time when there were disagreements, each draws conclusions,” he said.

“Resisting is from” Taubira launched before slamming the door of the government. The tenant Matignon replied bluntly: “Resist today, it is not proclaimed, it is not making speeches, is to confront the country’s reality. “For good measure, and show that he is the boss, the Prime Minister also gave a slap to his Economy Minister, Emmanuel Macron, without naming him:” You must set aside a certain narcissism or egocentrism to work in the general interest. “

Right in his boots, Valls does not intend to deviate from its liberal line on the economy – he wants to continue to” unlock “- and safe:” The past year marked a tipping deep [. ..], we have peace and yet we are at war. “He added:” In such a context, it is the future of France that concerns me, not the future of the left. “The formula could not be clearer.

At the Elysee, Hollande knows he can not stay long grounded arms. The timing of the renewal of the members of the Constitutional Council, and the expected appointment of Laurent Fabius in his presidency, requires it to revise again around mid-February. “He’ll have to shoot down his game, considers one of his friends: is it merely a change minimally, it weakens 2017.” After the departure of the “icon” Taubira, Holland is in the inability to expand its ministerial team to the left and environmentalists. So he looks for another way to hit the opinion, taking into respect his prime minister. For example by installing Macron at the head of a large Ministry of Economy at Bercy

Primary:. It grows, it grows …

 The planet “left of the left” is boiling! Remobilized by the debate on the deprivation of nationality, galvanized by the resignation of Christiane Taubira, supporters of a primary left for 2017 are busy behind the scenes. Tomorrow, the Socialists slingers meet in the Assembly to stop their position. Their meeting could end with a formal appeal. The former minister Aurélie Filippetti already stated bluntly yesterday: fifteen days after the article in “Liberation” of Daniel Cohn-Bendit and thirty personalities, the starting Taubira strengthens “absolutely” the need for such a primary. The Communists are not outdone. “It multiplies contacts with everyone,” says the PCF spokesman Olivier Dartigolles. In the coming weeks, he says, his agenda, such as the leader of the party, Pierre Laurent, will be exclusively devoted to these discussions. The PCF is in contact with the collective of activists led by feminist Caroline de Haas, who also works for the organization of a primary left. They held their first meeting last night and exchange in all directions. Appointment is taken next week with former PS minister Benoît Hamon, the mélenchoniste Eric Coquerel or EELV Elections Mr. David Cormand. SMS are exchanged with Arnaud Montebourg or rebellious Socialist MP Christian Paul. Remains a major challenge: getting everyone to agree. Meanwhile, the superstar is Taubira. The PCF wants to make a guest star in one of his Mondays of the left, a series of meetings with the evocative subtitle: “Door open for 2017″. Caroline de Haas dream of making the godmother of its primary. “We need her! “Launches ecologist Julien Bayou. What will the icon of anti-Holland? Mystery … By moving to New York, she has not answered their texting.
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