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The replica of the Slingers Stéphane Le Foll: We are left – Le Figaro

THE SCAN POLICY – The spokesman of the government meets the goings critical slingers and the alternative left after the resignation of Christiane Taubira

” We are left. ” This slap as a campaign slogan pronounced this Sunday by Stéphane Le Foll, spokesman for the government, and linchpin of Francois Hollande to 2017. The close of the Head of State invited to the Grand Appointment Europe 1 / iTV / The World, responded to criticism from the left of the left after the Wednesday Christiane Taubira. Slingers PS, as environmentalists and the Left Front, deplored a narrowing of the political base of the government, up to enact the disappearance of the left within the executive. “The disgusted parties remain filthy” yet commented on Sunday Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the JDD.

“We (the government, ed) are left,” Le Foll therefore insists. “Are we challenged the social model? Are we made decisions, as in other countries, austerity? Is that the face of terrorism, we yield to the rule of law? Is it (…) we have not brought the values ​​of ecology with COP21? The left is, it is present . And it’s not because someone is gone and slingers meet the left has disappeared, “says the Minister of Agriculture.

“Think we’ll do the evening down a president to come to a primary debate …”

A hint at the meeting organized on Saturday by the leaders of the left wing of the PS, who have unanimously approved a text calling on the party to participate in the organization of a primary left. Le Foll is he, “personally” unfavorable. “There is an outgoing president who assumes responsibility (…) think we will do a night down the president to come to a primary debate …”. In all cases, “the express condition is that at the end there is only one candidate left,” he recalls, while Jean-Luc Mélenchon is opposed.

To counter the representatives of “the” left of the left “, the spokesman of the government questions their ability to bring together a broad electoral base. Are they “Capable of carrying a left alternative? Today, no, and all elections that have succeeded have shown. The left governs tops and far ahead, “says the minister, recalling the results of the latest regional marked by an erosion of the radical left.

On the question of deprivation of nationality for terrorists pretext for the resignation of Christiane Taubira, Stéphane Le Foll judge that his departure comes “at a time when, moreover, the Prime Minister presented a draft that takes into account the comments that had been made” and “which should enable find a broad majority. ” The Executive aims adoption in March or April.

event  at Le Mans, 21 January.

Protest at Le Mans, January 21 Copyright:

Weakened by the agricultural crisis that s’ escalated this week, could the agriculture minister to leave his post at the reshuffle looming? “No one will decide in my place, nor that of the President and the Prime Minister”, evades Stéphane Le Foll. “I’m here,” he said to those who, like the FNSEA President Xavier Beulin, accused him of not adequately invest in the management of the farm crisis. “Everyone has his share of responsibility, it’s not put everything on the back of the minister …”


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