Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Taubira’s farewell, last stunt – Le Figaro

SCAN THE POLICY – The Minister of Justice resigned spoke only on the premises of the Place Vendome, and said support his decision “a major political disagreement” with the executive <. / p>

Until his departure from government, Christiane Taubira be impregnated with a very personal style passing the Ministry of Justice. Bypassing the procedures in force, a minister who wants to start talks after the handover, the Minister of Justice took the only speech Wednesday afternoon, since his ministry in Place Vendome . In the absence of his successor Jean-Jacques Urvoas, and while questions to the government in full swing in the Assembly. “It was my great honor to be Minister of Justice and Minister of Justice of France,” said she first launched. Before discussing its balance sheet, smile, and as always without notes. The minister paid tribute to his officials and the judiciary, and recalled with precision accounting achievements.

Out of ban with the executive since last December, the former minister recalled the reasons for his resignation: “I am leaving the government on a major political disagreement” <. / strong> “I chose to be true to myself, to my commitments, my struggles, my relation to other . True to us, as I understand we “Christiane Taubira justified. “The terrorist threat is serious, unpredictable. But we have learned to hunt down and are given us the means. We know how to fight and we showed that we are determined to bring him down. But I think we should concede no win, no military or diplomatic or political or symbolic “continued custody of Sceaux resigned. An allusion to the component on the deprivation of nationality has the constitutional reform project to which it objected.

“We do not deliver the world to the dawn murderers”

The differences have not prevented Christiane Taubira to express his pride in having served in government, “especially under the authority of the president, Francois Hollande.” The outgoing Minister continued, stating his belief in the fact “that this country is full of energy forces of will, imagination.” “His collective destiny rests on solid foundations. And among these foundations, there is the construction of its republican identity, civic identity. And these foundations are quite robust, they are deep enough to withstand the weather, accidents and tragedies, “she continued, echoing the many leaders of the left who worry that the Constitution amended in period state of emergency.

Therefore, true to Aimé Césaire, we do not deliver to the world of assassins dawn “, concluded the Minister, in a final tribute his favorite poet, which may also sound like a scathing critique of power.

Taubira pulls his bike reverence

The outgoing minister also staged singularity at the speech, official one, of handover with Jean-Jacques Urvoas, spoke Wednesday at 4:45 p.m.. The arrival of Christiane Taubira on the steps the Ministry was preceded by that of his famous yellow bike, applauded by staff gathered in the courtyard. The Minister then delivered a very personal speech, addressed to departmental officials and his cabinet, hailing their sacrifice. She even welcomed you open them access to the gardens, then “entrusted home” to his successor. Acclaimed for his departure by staff moved to tears, the Minister then created an impressive rush going up the rue de Rivoli, followed by its large escort of security guards. An end to the image of its passage at Place Vendôme: it will be remembered



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