Friday, January 22, 2016

Constitutional Revision: the deprivation of nationality still relevant – Le Parisien

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Elysee Palace (Paris) Friday. Nicolas Sarkozy asked Francois Hollande as deprivation of nationality for binational “embraces both crimes and misdemeanors.”

According to the chairman of Republicans Nicolas Sarkozy, received this Friday morning at the Elysee Palace, Francois Hollande has “every intention” to persevere on this path.

The head of state can also count on the support of his predecessor. “We have been very clear that we were willing to vote for the constitutional reform if the reform was clearly centered on the issue of the constitutionalisation of the state of emergency and on the issue of withdrawal of nationality for binational” said Nicolas Sarkozy.

“Voting everything that will strengthen the security of the French”

 But the support expressed by the former president is not a blank check. Nicolas Sarkozy, who must also contend with the opposition of twenty parliamentarians within his own party on this issue, has posed a series of conditions. “We asked him that in the reform of the Constitution, as much as possible we get closer to article 25 of the Civil Code, that is to say, to embrace both the crimes and offenses” related to terrorism could therefore, some like others, result in the acceleration.

The Republicans, he continued, also want to “in the context of the entrenchment of the state of emergency, it can be mentioned the possibility of the administrative power to assign residence of individuals deemed dangerous. ” “On these bases,” said Nicolas Sarkozy, they “have decided to vote anything that will enhance the security of French,” a “must-priority”.

“The situation is too serious for that otherwise, “said he stressed, saying that he can” be a matter of opposition or majority, left or right. ” “We asked the president to see how we could know the elements of organic or ordinary law that will implement the reform of the Constitution”, he has further clarified, Francois Hollande’s commitment, he said, to communicate “outline” and “Calendar”
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Constitutional Revision: the downfall of nationality still relevant

He may be challenged by a party of the majority, the draft in the Constitution deprivation of nationality for binational is always on the agenda. According to President Nicolas Sarkozy of Republicans, received this …

2016-01-22 2:08:00 p.m.

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