Thursday, January 28, 2016

False aggression in Aubervilliers: the teacher retracts and liable 3 months reprieve – Le Figaro

Two to three months suspended sentence were required Thursday against the teacher, tried for imaginary crime of denunciation. But the teacher is retracted his confession ensuring that he had been assaulted by a man claiming to EI.

In court Bobigny, the prosecutor requested two to three months suspended prison sentence and 1,000 euro fine against the teacher, 45, charged with “false denunciation to a judicial or administrative authority leading to unnecessary research,” a fact punishable by six months imprisonment and 7500 euro fine.

Not only that case, which resulted in a “thorough” investigation “has mobilized many people but this has increased the distress of our citizens,” especially the parents, denounced the representative of the prosecution, speaking of “inhuman trauma”.

On December 14, the kindergarten teacher, in office for 22 years in a public school in Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis), claimed to have been assaulted in her classroom, around 7am, by a Man claiming Islamic State Group (EI).

Occurred after the attacks in Paris and Saint-Denis and threats against the teaching of jihadist organization, this case aroused strong emotion . The Minister of Education Najat Vallaud-Belkacem had even visited the area and promised to strengthen security in schools. But the teacher had confessed the same day investigators have self-mutilation to protest the lack of security measures in school.

Hospitalized automatically at the end of his police custody, he had been suspended for a period of four months by the Ministry. If convicted, he could be revoked. But on December 24th, again heard as he left the hospital, he had retracted his confession.

At the opening of his trial Thursday, warned, long white hair tied in a ponytail, said he was violently assaulted by a man “masked and gloved, stained painter combination” which would have arisen “from behind” while sitting at his desk, busy making cutouts with a cutter. Then “I heard the buzzer, he said + shit + and he left,” he said.

“The man with whom I live is not a madman, it is a balanced man “

” inadmissible scenario, “blasted the prosecutor, recalling that no witnesses interviewed by investigators had seen escape the alleged abuser.

“If we want to denounce a lack of resources, there is a demonstration, we are not hacks oneself”, has tried to make his wife very carried away to the bar. “The man I live with is not a madman, it is a balanced man, responsible, kind to his students,” she assured.

Much appreciated by his colleagues, described as very invested in his work, yet the man appears “fragile”, according to investigators, which are a past addiction to alcohol hospitalized after a suicide attempt, a reminder of the law after a temper .

And the context of terrorist threat, inevitably anxiety, could facilitate its passage to the act.

“I said that they wanted to hear “

The president asks: why was he confessed to shrink next? “It made me dangled a dark future, six months in prison. I had just been stitched up, I was on morphine and fasting, so I lost my footing, I was afraid, “the defendant was justified. “The only thing I wanted was to get it over with, so I said what they wanted to hear.”

How is it that he was not injured worst? “I did get 14 stitches,” protests the teacher. “But someone coming to slay someone, usually it is a firearm, a knife, it does not come with hands in pockets, hoping that the victim in the hands the weapon he will use itself, “quips the prosecutor. This time the accused does not know what to say.


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