Monday, January 25, 2016

Barbot trial: the husband sentenced to 30 years, the mistress 25 years in prison – Le Parisien

At the time, the murder of Anne Barbot, a supermarket cashier in Cande (Maine-et-Loire), was disguised as loss.

The Advocate General Pierre has Dupire estimated that the husband was responsible for preparing the assassination “macabre”, while his mistress was that “joined the project.” They face the life imprisonment. Pierre Dupire called Monday “a punishment fit everyone,” and asked the jury to reject the “mobile passion” for him this crime being “rational”.

“The fundamental difference is Didier Barbot, killed his own wife. The preparation of the assassination, it is clearly the prerogative of Didier Barbot. Stephanie Livet, it adheres to the project (…), but it is not she who leads the dance “, explained the representative of the prosecution. “The complementarity between them is total. Didier Barbot was the bomb and the detonator Stephanie Livet, “added the Advocate General, depicting a” murderous duo “who” decided in his omnipotence as homicide could replace divorce, cheaper, easier, more favorable to their image, provided not to be arrested. ” It is “a pathological duo, consisting of a loving, obsessed with his suffering, and a man selfish, cynical, with a double facet, who enjoyed playing the truth to empower” also emphasized Pierre Dupire.

Didier Barbot and his mistress ask “forgiveness”

Didier Barbot and his mistress Stephanie Livet, had asked “forgiveness” Friday before the jury, while maintaining each his story, his “truth.” “I’m too ashamed of what I could do, damn. (…) Today I am the worst of criminals, I am the bane of everyone. One evening, I lost everything, everything. Pardon me, but I know it is unforgivable, “Didier said in tears Barbot, 42, farmer Vritz (Loire-Atlantique). Just before him, Stephanie Livet, his mistress and co-accused, a former caregiver of 40, also had “apologized to Anne” Barbot, who was murdered on the night of 15 to 16 March 2013 at the age of 38, and only his relatives, adding “(take) with shame that I did.”

Last Thursday, the lovers, who maintained a connection since September 2010, had admitted having drawn their victim in the Garage according to his house “a scenario” prepared in advance. Anne Barbot had been beaten and strangled before his body was placed in the trunk of his car, found burnt in a forest ten days later. But the version of the accused diverged on how many blows, with what weapons, and the project to set fire to the vehicle had been decided in advance or not.

Didier Barbot had himself reported the disappearance of his wife to the police the day after the facts, and then took the lead research to find her. The charred body of Anne Barbot was found March 28. The lovers eventually to confess that eight months after the fact, after their placement in custody. The verdict was reached late in the day.


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