Sunday, January 31, 2016

Daech: A French jihadist utters threats in execution video – Le Parisien

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In a video released Thursday by Daech, a blond and French jihadist appears. screenshot

Daech has posted Saturday a performance video in which a hooded executioner utters in French threats against “unbelievers” and mentions the attacks in Paris.

In a video of almost eight minutes broadcast by media branch the Province of Nineveh in northern Iraq, five men executed with a bullet in the head five prisoners in orange outfit described as “spies”. In the video, the five men executed speak Arabic on the reasons for their capture.

The jihadist speaking in French, whose blonde locks exceed a brown hood which suggests that his eyes , is the only executioner to speak. He is wearing a trellis while other executioners wear a black outfit. It conjures up enemies Daech “amid the upheaval” and warns to expect something that will make them forget “September 11 and the bombings in Paris.” These attacks claimed by Daech in the French capital were 130 deaths in November.

The French jihadist also mentioned Spain and Portugal, ensuring that his terrorist group seeks the return of Al-Andalus, the name of the territories of the Iberian Peninsula under Muslim rule between the 8th and the 15th century . He cites the cities of Toledo and Cordoba. Before the five executioners carry out executions, filmed in a site not located ruins, the French jihadist addresses air raids against the jihadist group in Syria and Iraq, who face the “shield of the caliphate.”

After his speech, which seems to have been learned by heart, and his four accomplices jihadist tend their weapons over the heads of the five prisoners kneeling before them and execute them.

In early January, another French jihadist Salim Benghalem, was tried in his absence and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment at the trial of a forwarding chain of jihadists in Syria. This figure of jihadism, which would be part of the executioners of the organization Islamic state in Syria had rejoiced in a propaganda video released in February 2015, killings from January to Paris and called sleeper cells to take up arms against French citizens .

A few weeks ago, the French authorities estimated that two French had probably participated in the execution of 19 Syrian prisoners and American hostage Peter Kassig.



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Daech: a jihadist utters French threats in an implementing video

Daech has posted Saturday a performance video in which a hooded executioner in French utters threats against “unbelievers” and mentions the attacks in Paris .
 In a video of almost eight minutes broadcast by the …

2016-01-30 11:00:00 p.m.

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