Friday, January 29, 2016

Nadine Morano could join the CNIP – Liberation

A few weeks after a dramatic break with Nicolas Sarkozy, Nadine Morano could join the National Centre of Independents and Peasants (CNIP), a small party in the “right-wing” which elects its new president tomorrow. Contacted by Libération Nadine Morano confirms the “ongoing negotiations”. For his part, Secretary General of the CNIP, Bruno North, evokes “Advanced contacts” and “a very good chance that this is done.”

Such rallying allow Nadine Morano to appear easily in the presidential primary of the right, which it has applied in September. Indeed, the candidates from the party Republicans must collect sponsorships for this 20 national or European parliamentarians, local councilors and 250 members 2500. A condition that would bypass Nadine Morano being directly appointed by the CNIP as his representative to the primary. The question is whether the political office LR accept that the party participated in the competition. In any event, Nadine Morano accession could be formalized after the expected election of Bruno North as party chairman on Saturday.

Founded in 1949, the CNIP has long been an elected party and local notables, making the lock office opportunity between the extreme right and the right. It was under his label Jean-Marie Le Pen was a member of the Seine from 1958 to 1962. He became a member of the UDI in 2012, the CNIP had been excluded in 2013 after about his then-President Gilles Bourdouleix: he had said about the Roma that “Hitler had killed perhaps not enough” . The CNIP reappeared in the news in recent regional elections: first present on the list of candidate LR Christian Estrosi, the president of the Alpes-Maritimes, Daniel Philippot, had finally joined the camp of Marion Maréchal-Le Pen.

The likely rallying Nadine Morano also intervenes while the CNIP could approach the National Front. At the approach of 2017, it is seeking new allies. And if there is little hope to convince Nicolas Dupont-Aignan and his party France Arise, CNIP and its likely future president seem more open to discussion. “If I am elected, I will hold in the three or four months after a national council which will aim to determine the political line of the movement, but also the alliance strategies” , announces Bruno North, without explicitly mention the FN.

According to our information, however, it has recently met several Frontists frameworks, including the General Secretary Nicolas Bay and the Navy’s chief of Le Pen, Nicolas Lesage. An appointment is confirmed Bruno North, while denying that he had intended to make an alliance in 2017: CNIP of the likely future boss evokes a meeting “beyond a political context” . “The FN is our policy competitor ,” he says. Adding, however, that “what first matters to us is to beat the left, whatever happens” .

Dominique Albertini


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