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Transfer of powers to the Ministry of  Justice between Christiane Taubira and  Jean-Jacques Urvoas in Paris, Wednesday, January  27, 2016.

It has always assumed a ” temperament indiscipline “ has finally bowed, Wednesday, January 27, giving way to the Keeper Breton Jean-Jacques Urvoas. “Sometimes resist is to remain, it is sometimes resist from” , greeted with his usual lyricism Christiane Taubira on Twitter.

“Resist. “ For the love of literature, the choice of words is important. Indeed, rarely a Minister of the Republic has faced such hatred surge

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Icon and Target

In its passage of three years, eight months and eleven days in the Ministry of Justice, it is clear halo or hated, it depends , largely because of his role as spokesperson of the law on marriage for all.

In this battle, 29 January 2013 marked a turning point. For nearly forty minutes, without casting a glance at his notes, Christiane Taubira uses all his eloquence in the gallery of the National Assembly to defend the opening marriage and adoption to same sex. That day, she became a muse at the same time left and the bane of the right and extreme right.

Women Minister, black, it is the Enforcer for reactionary on all sides. The Minister, under police protection, is the target of racist abuse on the social networks or when traveling. Placards written “There’s good Banania” the welcome, insults burst forth as in Angers in October 2013, when a girl gives him under the approving eye of his parents: “The monkey, eat your banana. “

In his book Words of Freedom (Flammarion), published in late 2013, the Minister returned to the stage, and wonders about the future of this Child:

“What will it be prepared to know the world, and thus to understand itself, if adults, including his parents, still parasitize long the innocence of his age and will dry up the curiosity treasures, greed for the other, taste for the unknown, commonly inhabit? “

Militant separatist

The verb always to respond to attacks. One that place in his personal pantheon Nelson Mandela, Aretha Franklin and Montesquieu, did not wait to be a minister to rub racism. It was in the 1970s, arriving from Cayenne to Paris to follow studies in economics at the faculty of Assas, Christiane Taubira told to be faced for the first time. It was at this time that she began her political education by attending leftist circles. On his return to Guyana in 1979, Professor of Economics at the Guiana adheres Movement decolonization (Moguyde), separatist and semi-clandestine. The organization will disappear shortly after the arrival of the left to power in 1981.

In the 1980s, his career leads from education to leadership positions in various professional groups. In 1992, Christiane Taubira, requested by leftists tired of the supervision of the Guyanese Socialist Party, is involved again in politics. She became MP in 1993, at the head of a conglomerate of various left the Walwari, created with her husband Roland Delannon, she has four children and whom she divorced.


His place on the political spectrum has evolved over the years: in 1994, she was elected to the European Parliament on the list of Bernard Tapie. Reelected in 1997, she joined the Socialist Group. In late 2001, she joined the group RCV (Radical Citizen and Green). And this in 2002 his candidacy in the presidential election under the banner of the Radical Left party, obtaining 2.3% of the votes, to the chagrin of Lionel Jospin, eliminated in the first round.

More than its alliances, it is ultimately his fights that tell which is best Christiane Taubira. Before that in favor of marriage for all is the text adopted May 10, 2001 to which it lent its name, which recognizes the slave trade and slavery as a crime against humanity, which was his great legislative work.

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His maverick reputation comes from the impossibility of summarizing a party and its ability to deviate from the line drawn by his camp. In 2004, she opposed his political family during the vote on the law on religious signs at school, she disapproves. A year later, she takes a stand for the “no” in the referendum for a European Constitution.

“Both in and out” , said of her before his resignation some of his government colleagues Valls, sometimes exasperated by its outputs. Especially since the wedding fever passed for all, the balance sheet of Christiane Taubira appears mixed. After losing his arbitration on penal reform, one of its flagship projects, the reform of the juvenile justice system, she wants less repressive, bogging. After the attacks in November, the Minister makes no secret of his opposition to the deprivation of nationality draft for binational guilty of terrorism.

In a statement portrait in March 2014 in the magazine M-Le World , she confided that his relatives were worried about the “life after” the one that crystallized much hate. On social networks, soon after announcing his departure from the government, the keyword # Taubira2017 began to bloom.


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