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Hollande wants to extend the state of emergency for three months, constitutional reform is accurate – Le Point

Francois Hollande said Friday he wanted to extend by three months the state of emergency declared after the attacks of November 13, after receiving one after the other leaders of parties in parliament to discuss the issue of constitutional revision.

At the end of these interviews, the Elysee has officially announced the extension of the state of emergency that needs to expire on February 26. The text will be presented to the Council of Ministers on February 3, said the Elysee.

This same Council of Ministers will consider the bill on criminal procedure, “strengthening the fight against organized crime and its financing, the effectiveness and guarantees of criminal procedure.”

Last party leaders to be received by Francois Hollande, the national secretary of Europe Ecologie-Greens Emmanuelle Cosse protested: “We oppose the extension of the state of emergency.”

The Elysee also said Friday that preliminary draft law implementing the constitutional amendment will be presented next Wednesday to the Assembly before the Law Commission by the Prime Minister in person.

The consultations of the Head of State made it possible to gradually lift the veil on constitutional reform in preparation, which will include well, according to President Nicolas Sarkozy of Republicans, besides the introduction of the state emergency in the Constitution, the deprivation of citizenship for binational convicted of terrorism.

M. Sarkozy warned that his side was ready to vote on the reform announced November 16 by Mr Hollande to Parliament convened in Congress, provided that it is “clearly focused on the issue of the constitutionalisation of the state of emergency and on the issue of withdrawal of nationality for binational “.

“The President Hollande said that it was his intention,” said the former head of state after maintenance.

M. Sarkozy added several conditions for his party support the constitutional review, as it had done on January 6 in the political office of his party: “We (…) have asked (…) we the closest possible to the article 25 of the Civil Code, that is to say, to embrace both the crimes and offenses “related to terrorism, which could therefore each like the other result in the acceleration.

– MEPs will debate the reform from February 5 –

He also hopes that “there can be mentioned the possibility of the administrative authority to assign residence individuals deemed dangerous. “

Twenty parliamentarians RS, including Nathalie Kosciukso-Morizet and juppéiste Edouard Philippe, however said Friday in an article published by Le Figaro they would not vote this constitutional reform, denouncing a “useless and dangerous” project and a “political manipulation”.

This reform, which must be considered as of 5 February by MEPs require to be finally adopted a three-fifths majority of Congress.

The first secretary of the PS, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, said for his part be “favorable” to an extension of the state of emergency, and the introduction of state Emergency in the Constitution.

But on the question of deprivation of nationality, he said, without elaborating, that “for any lapse, it was necessary that it does not pose the problem a separation between the French and there is statelessness point. “

No visitor to the Elysée, however, has revealed the magic formula that would allow the executive to reconcile all the world about the forfeiture question bristles lot in the PS

The latest example:. the Federal Council of the North PS Federation voted Friday a motion asking the first Secretary of the PS “oppose any deprivation of nationality measure that would effectively create two categories of French or create stateless, in favor of a national or citizen forfeiture penalty depriving them of their civil rights french convicted of terrorism”.

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