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What to know Nicolas Sarkozy’s book – The Point

The new book by Nicolas Sarkozy, The France for life (Plon), out this Friday, January 22 in bookstores. It has 260 pages composed of 10 chapters, a prologue and an epilogue. This book is not a memoir nor a program for the Republican primary presidential or 2017. It is more of a reflection on public action, on the balance sheet and the five-year period 2007-2012 evolution of the French society. The passages about his mea culpa are the largest and most spectacular. But in the second part of The France for life also point the foundations for a future political program.

The regrets

From the prologue, page 16, Nicolas Sarkozy expressed his regrets. “We all, myself included, was too lax with behaviors that France can no longer tolerate. “Further, he wears a stern look on the famous” Casse-toi pov ‘con’: ‘A mistake that I regret today. In doing so, I lowered the presidential office. “Or on just a few days after his election on the yacht of Bolloré:” This was an indisputable judgment error. Even today, I wonder how I could commit such odd. “Politically, the regrets of field is also wide:” The decline in burdens on business should have been immediate and above all stronger. I have implemented social VAT too late. In lieu of the deductibility of interest on loans to households, a measure that did not work, I should give immediate priority to the massive drop in labor costs, together with a drastic reduction in the number standards. “Finally regret not having ended the ISF and the 35 hours … He confesses that the RSA is a failure. Sarkozy also regrets “not having changed the central administration directors,” (that) “have slowed the implementation of reforms.”

From these failures, it draws a conclusion on his method: “I opened too many topics. “Now he wants to” say everything before to do everything after “. “I regret having delayed reforms that should have been involved from the earliest days. “Moreover, the former president want ad more frequently resort to referendum to avoid blockages or important waste of time.

What we are proud

Page 94, the former president stands in one sentence inventory of its successful reforms, “university autonomy, reform of the judicial map, the minimum service in transport strike day, the priority question of constitutionality The reform special regimes pensions, retirement at age 62, the conventional termination of the employment contract, the removal of business tax or, another example, the merger of the ANPE and UNEDIC. ” To this list he adds a few pages later the social VAT, job cuts in the public service or diplomatic action, on which it stops soon.

The portraits

Alain Juppe gets away with the honors: “I have a friendship for him that goes beyond politics. We never had to reproach any low blow. The right hand needs our agreement not to relive the nightmare of confrontation. “Jean-Pierre Jouyet inherits the dunce cap. The current secretary general of the Elysee is from the pen of the former president, a weathervane who thinks only of his interests and leans towards those in power, whatever it is … The former president reaches Nadine Morano hand, praises the work and constancy of Valerie Pécresse. Sarkozy regret neither the appointment nor longevity Francois Fillon at Matignon. In respect of its former prime minister, he drops the phrase: “I was amazed by the caricature that I would have humiliated my Prime Minister. What a funny idea ! It is also easy to litter this fable. If Francois Fillon had then been so unhappy, why would he willingly agreed to if I renamed it three times? And above all why would he have done so much for me to maintain its position? The truth is that, for five years, we have worked in perfect harmony. “The author criticizes the duplicitous side of his successor, its permanent lies, but acknowledges that Hollande was a good candidate. “This is what he does best, being a candidate. “Another portrait, which is no shortage of salt, one that Sarkozy spent, pages 164-166, Patrick Buisson:” I appreciated his great intelligence and his extraordinary ability to engage in predictive analytics in general consistent and often just. “Later,” I have seriously underestimated the traits of his character that should have been warning me. I did not listen to those who thought that felt sulfur . I was wrong and I was abused. “

The debates between the two towers

Nicolas Sarkozy reveals that, hours before debate with Francois Hollande May 2, 2012, he received a call from Valéry Giscard d ‘ pewter who provides advice: “Do not indulge in a street fight, this is not what the French expect of a president. Do not respond or personal attacks or provocations. “This review would have helped inhibit face his opponent and in particular, he says, not to meet the many lies told by the future head of state. We also learn that, the 2007 debate in the morning, Cécila announces his intention to divorce …

His political ads

Nicolas Sarkozy will not revisit the law allowing marriage for everyone. “It will not matter to unmarry married and go back. “Given the violence of the debates and the fracture that they have created in society, he wrote:” I do not wish to be legislating again because priority should be to bring together French. “On immigration, it is categorical:” This is nothing less than the denial of entry of the country to people who, for many, fleeing poverty. Immigration, if it is not controlled in the shortest time, will explode our social compact and moreover deprive sending countries of forces they have a great need. “On youth violence, the president of Republicans want to” suppress minority excuse for offenders and lower the age of criminal responsibility to 16 years. “

On public television, Sarkozy is radical: “At a minimum, it is likely that there is a chain too the group France Télévisions. “Other ideas:” The emergency medical aid that costs us almost one billion euros per year should be deleted as a system and replaced by the very natural obligation to treat any person in a situation of immediate medical hazard “; “We must declare an end to the Schengen I and create a Schengen II immediately, the prerequisite for membership is the development, first, the application then a European asylum policy and common immigration worthy of the name. “Other ideas put forward by the chairman of the Republicans, it should be noted also, in terms of security, expanding the skills of municipal police, the incorporation of prison staff at the Interior Ministry. “Thus would be realized unity of command of all security forces to which would be added customs. “Nicolas Sarkozy also mentioned an overhaul of the criminal policy and construction of at least 25% additional prison places.


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