Sunday, January 31, 2016

Christiane Taubira out a test against deprivation of nationality – Le Parisien

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Christiane  Taubira January 27, 2016 in Paris
Christiane Taubira January 27, 2016 in Paris (AFP / KENZO TRIBOUILLARD)

In this book of 94 pages, the former Attorney evokes the fight against terrorism and for what reason says it is opposed to the forfeiture of nationality. Its release date is not by chance: Friday, February 5 will begin consideration of the draft constitutional law on deprivation of nationality in the National Assembly.

 Printed discreetly in Spain, the book was presented as a “book under X” to bookstores to prevent leakage, described Le Monde. He was shot to 40,000 copies.

 Francois Hollande was aware

 “Let us dare to say, a country must be able to cope with its nationals. The world would be if every country expelling its national birth considered undesirable? Should we imagine a land-recycling center where they would be grouped “asked Christiane Taubira, in extracts published in Le Monde.

The former Minister of Justice is concerned about the constitutional amendment in the context of rise of the National Front. “It is too flammable things to approach unsuspecting with two flint hand. One of flint is the deprivation of nationality for the French binational birth, the other is the sad and capacity to be the Head of a juicy family trading access to supreme power. ”


 The one who left the government because of his opposition to the deprivation of nationality also seems to explain. “Maybe is it making too much noise about nothing. Perhaps it would be more reasonable to be reasonable and to pass up. Agree. Get accomodate. Do not add to the disorder. (…) Would not it be better then a scream and a crisis rather than a long, slow withering? I’m not sure of anything, except to never find peace if I informed me to gag my consciousness, “worries Taubira, in extracts published by FranceTVInfo.

It is January 10 that the former Minister of Justice contacted his publisher, Philippe Rey. François Hollande received January 22 the trials of the book, still reveals Le Monde, four days before the resignation of Christiane Taubira.

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Christiane Taubira out a trial against deprivation of nationality

Christiane Taubira, who resigned on January 26 the government published Monday, February 1, an essay titled “Youth Muttering” reveals Le Monde and FranceTVInfo. In this book of 94 pages, the former Attorney evokes the struggle …

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