Saturday, January 30, 2016

Battle at National Centre of Independents and Peasants – Le Figaro

The CNIP, the old party of Antoine Pinay, to elect a new president on Saturday in the Senate, on the bottom open war between Gilles Bourdouleix, deputy mayor of Cholet, North and Bruno, General Secretary . The rallying Nadine Morano is envisaged.

It is presented as the “oldest party of the French right,” but its last outgoing president, the deputy mayor of Cholet Gilles Bourdouleix, sees the terminally ill. For him, the election of the new president organized Saturday by North Bruno, General Secretary CNIP, is simply “illegal”. And if the elections were to result in the election of Bruno North, Gilles Bourdouleix brandishes two threats: an attack to justice and the creation of a new movement which he believes that “99%” CNIP members would follow immediately.

While the CNIP is a modest training. She has only one parliamentarian (Gilles Bourdouleix, deputy of Maine-et-Loire), less than five departmental and regional councilors, mayors and fifteen “247″ members to date of contribution, according to the mayor of Cholet. But she particularly counted in its ranks Antoine Pinay.

Saturday at 10am in the Senate, GASTON MONNERVILLE room, where it will be welcomed by Roger Karoutchi, LR Senator of Hauts-de-Seine, Bruno North hopes to have the quorum to validate the election of the new movement direction. Thursday, the Secretary General was convinced to be able to gather enough votes for this election which oppose two tandems: Bruno Cottard / Christine Boone against Bruno North / Joseph-Frédéric Sauvage. The Secretary General rejected a third tandem Gilles Bourdouleix / Jerome Besnard double reason that the former president was not, he said, to date of contribution and that his application letter arrived after the deadline. What interested refutes outright, arguing a problem of “job” and taking offense to be pointed to a question of assessment when it should have given “400 000″ in CNIP “nine years” drawn on its parliamentary reservation.

Beyond the technical aspects, Gilles Bourdouleix, evokes a political problem. He had resigned during the regional after estimating that a negotiation was led in its “back” to allow local alliance between the FN and the CNIP in the Alpes-Maritimes. Friday, eve of the meeting, the mayor of Cholet issued a scathing statement accusing two elected Republicans, Roger Karoutchi Xavier and David Weiss to become “bridgeheads for an institutional rapprochement” between RS and the FN. In his message, he also announced the presence at this meeting Nadine Morano.

MEP LR, who plans to run for the primary right, CNIP rally would be a way to ensure his candidacy. This would allow it to be directly designated as a candidate by a political party without being obliged to fulfill the stringent conditions are referrals by 20 parliamentarians, local councilors and 250 members in 2500.

To conclude his statement avenger Gilles Bourdouleix blurted out a question: “The FN he seeks to infiltrate and Republican primary or should we see there the announcement of a merger between the FN and Republicans in the next presidential election?”

North Bruno rejects block attacks. He denounced the “pressure” exerted by the outgoing president and his supporters to try to derail the vote on Saturday. Denying any political negotiation with the National Front, it also swear that I have adhered strictly to the statutes, rules and schedule defining the election of a new president. North Bruno defends a straight line “assumed and uninhibited” while ensuring that between Nicolas Sarkozy and Marine Le Pen, Sarkozy CNIP vote in 2017. For him, the political priority of the party is to “beat the left to stop the disastrous socialist management “. If elected president Saturday he would organize a national council “within three months” to “sanctify the political line” of the party under the slogan “the values ​​without excesses.”

He said the party will soon choose between a political agreement with Republicans and engagement with a movement like the Vanguard, collaborative network of political action founded by Charles Millon, ex -UDF and former Minister of Defence, which are found Charles Beigbeder, former MP Northern Christian Vanneste or the mayor of Montfermeil and vice president of the Christian Democratic Party Xavier Lemoine.

Meanwhile, the election of the new president of the CNIP is announced in an electric atmosphere. “Every barred” regretted the secretary general of the “oldest of the French right-wing parties,” founded by a trio of politicians, January 6, 1949, which became René Coty, five years later, the 17th President of the Republic.


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