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The French like Juppe, Macron … and wish primary left – ladepeche.fr

The political barometer Odoxa January of the Institute for Regional Press and La Dépêche du Midi peak a new fall of popularity of the executive who is accompanied by a wish of primary left. At the same time, Sarkozy is falling …

The political barometer Odoxa Institute reflects a rather sluggish perception of politics ,, marked by the vis-à-vis skepticism personalities embody the left and right. With the exception of Emmanuel Macron progressing in opinion, probably more for his transgressive style as for its results.

The executive continues its (re) drops

five points for Francois Hollande. Even discount for Manuals Valls. They are only 22% of French judge Francois Hollande is a “good president” of the Republic and 35% think that Manuel Valls is a “good prime minister”. The both have beautiful struggle on all fronts, they fail to convince the French, relapsing to their low levels before the dramatic events of November 13, for which the French have yet credited to controlled management. I must say that the inversion of the curve of unemployment, which remains a priority of the citizens in the assessment of public policies, yet combines the future. More worrying for Holland, its announcements on employment are not more convinced in his own camp (11 points). Prime Minister bringing the debate on the deprivation of nationality on his side can question its political position: he wins 12 points … in FN supporters and loses equally among supporters of the left

71% of French people want a primary left.

This is the “logical consequence of the rejection of the executive” explains Gaël Sliman, president of Odoxa. A somewhat idyllic desire because in the minds of respondents, this would be possible if the entire primary left Holland in the Left Front. But the Left Front – Mélenchon is already on the starting blocks – has already indicated that it would not participate. Environmentalists always reflect on a standalone application, which is still incompatible with participation in a primary.

The entire galaxy and socialist allies, for its part, still hanging on the decision of the current President. If Holland decides to represent (assuming now considered most likely), it is unclear how and with whom these primary could organize.

If renounced, everything would be possible to number of putative candidates corresponding more or less to the political divisions that characterize the socialist left today, Martine Aubry (favorite of supporters left) Emmanuel Macron (preferred nuance, the French left) through Manuel Valls himself even. Exactly … we said the Prime Minister very annoyed by the popularity of Macron (see page 5).

Macron flies through the controversy.

For the winners of the Membership and rejection, “while the entire political class has stagnated or declined in January, Macron still flies through polemics” said Gael Sliman.

The Social Liberal Minister uninhibited, yet responsible the economy is curiously not weighed down by unemployment figures. Between two iconoclastic statements, which would eventually pass Valls for a dangerous revolutionary, it garnered 5 additional points, boosted by supporters of the right.

According to the metaphor of Gaël Sliman, he “finds himself with 38 % adherence, only dolphin king Juppé to 45%. ” And who is the third? François Bayrou. The Béarnais remains in ambush. If his friend Juppe is not designated as a candidate for the primary right and center (light, if Sarkozy), the mayor of Pau is already given almost leaving … for the fourth time. At that level, it becomes a trade.

Sarkozy behind Juppé

“Nicolas Sarkozyest far behind by his rival Alain Juppe in popularity “says Gaël Sliman. Including, it is now a strong trend among supporters of the right (20 point difference), the only ones who still kept a little indulgence with regard to the former President. To regain control, we know that Sarkozy took up the pen. But like all its competitors right did the same, nothing indicates that this significant return to fundamentals (a book, it changes the ambient tweetisme …) gives him some air. In Odoxa survey, Nicolas Sarkozy is nevertheless ahead in a field. One finds it first … the winners of the discharge (54%), ex-aequo, it is true, with Marine Le Pen, while Alain Juppe is last on this list in negative …


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