Sunday, January 24, 2016

Cazeneuve eleven foiled attacks in France in 2015 – Le Figaro

“We have, since last spring, six foiled attacks some of which was sponsored by those who struck us on November 13, the same players,” said Bernard Cazeneuve Sunday when issuing C Policy on France 5.
“One of them threatened to attack a concert in a theater, others threatened to commit acts of mass killing of French fashion in streets or cities.” “We dismantled in all, in the course of 2015, six of eleven attacks since the spring,” he said.

Asked about the state of emergency in force since the attacks of 13 Last November, Mr. Cazeneuve considered it “necessary” but should “be exceptional.” The state of emergency is a tool among others (…) And it is not because we are extending it aims to extend forever. “Declared in the night after the attacks of Paris and Saint-Denis, it must be terminated theory February 26 at midnight, but the Elysee Palace announced Friday its intention to extend it for a period of three months. The government will present to the Council of Ministers of 3 February 1 Bill to this effect, which will be submitted to parliamentarians.

“As long as there is an imminent danger, we need the state of emergency. I remind you that among those who hit us on November 13, all the terrorists were not recovered,” said stressed the Minister of Interior.


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