Monday, January 25, 2016

The state of emergency must remain exceptional, says Bernard Cazeneuve –


PARIS (Reuters) – The state of emergency in force since the attacks of November 13 is always necessary but must be exceptional, said French Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve .

On Friday, the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, has caused astonishment by suggesting that the scheme could be maintained until the defeat of the organization Islamic state (EI), which claimed the Parisian attacks.

But, according to Bernard Cazeneuve, his words were misunderstood.

“What was said Manuel Valls, is that as long as the terrorist threat would be there, we would use all the means that are those that gives us the right to fight it, “he said in an interview with France 5 Sunday.

” The state Emergency is a tool among others, “added the Minister. He must “remain exceptional. And this is not because we are extending it aims to extend forever.”

Declared in the night after the attacks of Paris and Saint Denis, it should theoretically be completed on February 26 at midnight. The Elysee said Friday its intention to extend it for a period of three months. The government will present to the Council of Ministers on 3 February a bill to this effect, which will be submitted to Parliament.

“As long as there is an imminent danger, we need the state of emergency. I remind you that among those who hit us on November 13, all the terrorists were not recovered, “insisted Bernard Cazeneuve.

Following the announcement by the presidency to vote on the extension of the state of emergency, have expressed reluctance, particularly among the ranks of environmentalists, the extreme left and some associations, who feel that draconian regime.

The National Council of Bars (CNB) Saturday urged the government to abandon the idea. The League of Human Rights (LDH) was also seized last week the State Council, which is expected to consider the request Tuesday.

In a BBC interview broadcast Friday Manuel Valls ruled that the state of emergency would remain “the time it will take (it)” and “until we can, of course, finish with Daech “.

(Simon Carraud, edited by Pierre Serisier)


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