Monday, January 25, 2016

Trial of “diabolical lovers”: 30 and 25 years required against the husband and his mistress – Le Figaro

Didier Barbot and his mistress, Stephanie Livet, were tried in Loire-Atlantique foundation for, in March 2013, laid a trap to Anne Barbot, Didier’s wife, before killing and attempting to remove his body.

The verdict is expected on Monday in the late afternoon. Nicknamed the “diabolical lovers” Didier farmer Barbot, 42, and Stephanie Livet, a former caregiver 40 years, tried last week by the Assize Court of Nantes (Loire-Atlantique) incur life imprisonment for the murder of Anne Barbot, 38, in March 2013. The Advocate General Monday requested a sentence of 30 years imprisonment for the husband and 25 years for his mistress.

Before the court retires to deliberate, Didier Barbot Livet and Stephanie again asked “forgiveness”. “Anne (and I note), we were married 14 years. She has always done everything for me, both in private and the professional, and I took his life. This is unforgivable, I know, “Barbot said. “I destroyed Anne, her family and mine. My father has never returned, I dirtied the name Barbot (…). And then I also destroyed all my friends, I betrayed them, I lied to them, I ask their forgiveness too, “said the accused. “I ask forgiveness. What I did was unforgivable, “has launched its co-accused briefly, Stephanie Livet.

What has happened? On March 16, 2013, Didier Barbot reported to the police the disappearance of his wife. That morning, his wife, a cashier in a Super U store in Cande (Maine-et-Loire), has not returned to work. Didier Barbot is then activated to locate the missing. It sticks posters with his picture all over Vritz in Loire-Atlantique, the village of 700 inhabitants where they live, even organizing a White March. But ten days later, on March 28, the charred body of Anne Barbot was found in the trunk of his car in the middle of a wood, Saint-Michel-et-Chanveaux (Maine-et-Loire), a small village located fifteen kilometers from their home. The autopsy did not determine the exact cause of death.

The lovers confessed

However, the survey reveals flaws in the version of the grieving husband. The investigations show that Didier example Barbot, which assured to have seen for the last time his wife on March 16 when he awoke, he contacted the police before even trying to reach her, half an hour later. Moreover, the day of the murder, the husband had exchanged SMS with Stephanie 75 Livet, then nothing the next day. Another intriguing element to 00:30 the night of the disappearance of Anne Barbot, mobile phone and that of Stephanie Livet had triggered at the same time telephone relay near the forest where the body of Anne Barbot was discovered.

After eight months of investigation, November 26 2013, Didier and Stephanie Livet Barbot, who maintained an extramarital relationship since September 2010, were arrested and eventually to confess. They say they have tended an ambush to Anne Barbot, pulling in the garage of her home where she was beaten and strangled. They acknowledge having placed his body in the trunk of his car which they then burned in the forest, on the night of Mar. 15 to 16, 2013.

The “methods of highway robbery”

Almost three years after the incident, the couple was held in Nantes, before the foundation of Loire-Atlantique. During the seven days of hearings before the court, each of the accused gave his version of events, minimizing its role. To prepare this crime “macabre”, the “pathological duo” used “methods that evoke organized crime: a trap, it is expected not to leave traces taking gloves, is expected not to take his phone The evidence is wiped by burning the corpse, they lure the police with false tracks, we lie, we manipulate, we demonstrated composure on the phone, “detailed the Advocate General, Pierre Dupire.

On Monday, after the trial, he called for “a sentence suit everybody,” and asked the jury to reject “the passionate mobile,” this crime for him being “rational”. “The preparation of the assassination, it is clearly the prerogative of Didier Barbot. Stephanie Livet adheres to the project (…) but it is not she who leads the dance, “said the representative of the prosecution, describing a” duo of assassins “who” decided in his omnipotence that homicide could replace divorce, cheaper, easier, more favorable to their image, provided not to be arrested. ”


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