Saturday, January 30, 2016

Paris Anne Hidalgo wants to spend 20-17 boroughs – France Soir

The project of the mayor of Paris ulcer right. Indeed, as revealed in a note that has obtained the newspaper Le Monde , Anne Hidalgo wants to reduce the number of districts in the capital of 20-17 by merging the I, II, III and fourth arrondissements of central Paris.

According to Anne Hidalgo services, this project would have no impact on the political balance right / left and simply aim to “unify” the democratic representation of districts less populated. The merger “ would be neutral on the current political balance between the majority and opposition ” at the Council of Paris. As of 2020, a council of districts, chaired by Borough Mayor or “ Mayor sector “, would represent the inhabitants of the districts that have merged, the document said.

Le Monde also states that all these proposals should be voted in the districts before being submitted to the Council in Paris on 15 and 16 February. “ The next Paris Board will propose to the government guidelines to be submitted to parliament in 2016 ,” says the note.

The opposition, is still furious at Image Jean-Pierre Lecoq, Mayor Republicans sixth arrondissement, which promises a “ frontal impact ” at the next Council of Paris, February 15, on the subject. The UDI-MoDem group criticizes the Council for its “ precipitation and excitement ” with which the reform project was decided by the mayor. “ Nothing justifies a new redrawing of districts ” to “ akin to a political and electoral manipulation “, ie are centrist in a statement.


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