Thursday, January 28, 2016

Parisian threat against six high schools: students “sheltered” – Le Point

Students from six schools Parisian telephone threats objects have been “sheltered” Thursday, and police “secures the scene,” two days after the bomb threat unfounded in establishments in Paris. The Passy Saint Honore school adds to the list of objects of telephone threats institutions Thursday morning, which were already included in the Charlemagne high schools, Condorcet, Hélène Boucher Louis-le-Grand and Victor Hugo, a-t- was learned from the police and the rector of Paris. It is “no bomb threats but threats,” said the Rector, without more details.

These threats occur two days after making anonymous calls parcels state trapped in Parisian six schools, including already prestigious schools Charlemagne, Louis-le-Grand and Condorcet. These alerts were lifted in the day. Depending on the emergency control specific plans (PPMS specific to each institution), high school students can be contained, be combined in a particular room or in the courtyard, did they explained. Tuesday alerts concerned the Parisian high schools Charlemagne, Fenelon, Montaigne, Condorcet, Henri-IV and Louis-le-Grand. The Paris prosecutor’s office opened an investigation for destroying threats, entrusted to the territorial security of Paris.

In the United Kingdom and the United States also

In the UK, where schools had also been threatened Tuesday, police were investigating Thursday on new anonymous calls about 14 schools in the Birmingham area (Centre). “At this point, nothing indicates a credible threat to any of these schools,” said Inspector Colin Mattinson, police in the West Midlands region. In addition, four schools in Merton, south-west London, were evacuated on Thursday for the same reasons, according to local media. The London Metropolitan Police has neither confirmed nor denied this information. Tuesday threatened institutions had been placed under alert, finally lifted in late afternoon. In the US, nine schools located in Bergen County, in the east of the country, were, themselves, were briefly evacuated on January 19 after anonymous calls reporting the presence of bombs.

France and the UK, which are part of the coalition led by the United States against the Islamic State Group (EI) in Iraq and Syria, have been referred this weekend by a propaganda video of IE. In his number late November, the French review of the EI propaganda, Dar-al-Islam , was targeted teachers, accused of being “open war against the Muslim family” and called for the “kill”. The IU claimed the attacks in Paris in November, who made 130 dead.


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