Saturday, January 23, 2016

RATP: What happened on Line 1 of the Paris metro? – Point

unprecedented failure, line paralyzed for hours, hundreds of passengers evacuated through the tunnels, line 1 of the Paris metro, which crosses from east to west the sights of the capital, is 100% automatic, but experienced this weekend in a failed seriously. “RATP apologizes to its travelers,” wrote Saturday governed Paris Transport in a statement, promising to do everything to such an event does not happen again.

About 17 hours Friday in full rush hour, the Line 1 trains stopped, due to a “breakdown of trading systems with the trains,” according to the RATP, a “telecommunications problem” between “the shuttles and the command post “manages them remotely. According to the RATP, this is the first time such an incident occurs “on the integral system of a complete line.”

“That slowed, suddenly the lights went out and then came back on again, “testified Mary, a mother, on France Info, who was traveling with her daughter. The speaker, it is reported “a small problem”, people are asked to wait. “15 minutes, 20 minutes, still nothing …” Finally, “after more than forty hours, was evacuated, we walked squarely on track, to the station,” said she said. For several hours, the Parisians have expressed dismay and exasperation on social networks, such as the “Bold” who tweeted: “Hell has a name: the failure of line 1″

According to the. RATP, 41 shuttles were affected by the blackout, including a dozen blocked in tunnels between stations. The evacuation of passengers, assisted in the operation by a hundred officers, took place without incident, according to the board, and was over 38 to 19 h.

Lines automatic “no discounts concerned “

The board, whose technicians worked all night on the failure, hoped to reopen the line at the time of normal recovery, at 5 am 30, but restarting is finally intervened at 8 am 30. Meanwhile, replacement bus services had been set up or strengthened, as well as the metro line 14.

Linking the business district Defense, west of Paris, the Chateau de Vincennes, east, line 1, opened in 1900, is the oldest of the Paris metro, frequented daily by some 750 000 passengers, “a little less weekend, “according to a spokeswoman. It serves especially the Lyon Station, the Louvre, the Royal Palace … Its automation started in 2011 and, since late 2012, its trains run without drivers, such as line 14 that it is automatic since it opened in 1998. RATP has launched the construction of automation of line 4 (Porte de Clignancourt – Mairie de Montrouge)., which should be completed by 2022

“Travelers have realized the problem generated by the absence of the driver, “said Pascal Lepetit, deputy secretary general of South-RATP union opposed the automatic lines, for whom” nothing will ever replace human intervention. ” “Such a lengthy incident is unprecedented … What happened is disturbing” and together with the gradual wear and tear, “likely to recur more often,” according to the union.

“It remains now to analyze what types of equipment that were failing”, told France Bleu 107.1 Philippe Martin, Deputy Director General in charge of the RATP transport operations and maintenance . But, he added, “it is not at all a questioning of automatic lines, the availability rate, reliability and consistency are the best of the Parisian network.”


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