Saturday, September 3, 2016

anti-Asian attacks: a peace to build on the land – Liberation

Following the death of Zhang Shaolin Aubervilliers suites of aggression, a great event will take place Sunday, September 4th Place de la Republique in Paris from 14h to 17h. Rui Wang, President of the Association of Young Chinese France and Mehdi Bouteghmès, community activist, if the initiative is positive, it is only practical, daily and collective actions in neighborhoods affected by violence that solidarity is consolidated. That’s what they decided to start.

This is for months that attacks against Franco-Chinese or Chinese people in several cities in Seine Saint Denis, whose Aubervilliers, La Courneuve, Saint-Denis, take violent forms in widespread indifference. “Chinese keep to themselves” is said to disengage, that is, they only have to organize for their own protection. But this logic has proved its limitations. Whether it’s community security patrols, more police calls, or security cameras at the municipal level, nothing will have avoided violent confrontations with gunshots in La Courneuve, and a death in Aubervilliers in space one summer.

We can denounce the inefficiency of the authorities and elected officials, or inter-racism and prejudice against Asian conveyed in the media. It is even essential and urgent. But this is not enough to stop the Asian assault in our neighborhoods. Because a key ingredient missing: solidarity between residents of a territory, the result of a single real field work to create the link between Asian and other people who coexist only today.

for us, this means getting involved together in school support, training, cultural activities. Work together on the challenges facing our schools, our lighting and allocation of funds dedicated to the youth. Fighting together for the condition of our buildings, our infrastructure, our means of transport.

This is why in this school year, the Association of Young Chinese France (AJCF) AB and the association will work together to help, and all local associations who wish to develop activities meeting the needs of Courneuviens and albertivillariens of all backgrounds, of all generations, of all nationalities. Beyond the moral postures and denunciations of the symptom of a poorly widespread live in our neighborhoods, we will more than live together: we will all

This summer has shown us how the national situation. is critical, and we can not wait. The solution begins with ourselves, and care for our neighbors and our territory, because, whether we chose it or not, we live together there.

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Mehdi Bouteghmès Elected (unlabeled) in La Courneuve Rui Wang President of the Association of Young Chinese France


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