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radical left party: Sylvia Pinel, continuity but independence – Les Echos

by choosing to elect the head of their party, Sylvia Pinel, delegates voting PRG (appointed proportionally to the size of federations) were able to run with the hare and cabbage. For the first time in the history of the party, a woman takes the reins. It thus takes the place of Jean-Michel Baylet, head of the PRG for 20 years, and who left office after entering the government as Minister of Planning during the reshuffle in February.

But the choice of Sylvia Pinel, it is also the choice of continuity. This near Baylet was also the government, as Secretary of State for Housing. MP Tarn-et-Garonne in 2007, at age 38, she became the first stride Board Chair Occitan region.

A competitor, for once

unprecedented thing since 1996 when the current Minister of Spatial Planning took the head of the party, Sylvia Pinel faced a competitor. Guilhem Porcheron a simple militant unknown to the general public, without warrant or function in the device embodied according to an internal source “the envy of younger activists to change and get out of the PRG his minority complex.” The latter still gathered 181 votes against 385 for the new president.

“There is no real division on substance, not ideological battle that would split the party “Saturday has qualified Guillaume Lacroix, General Secretary, deeming that this battle rather” proves the good health of the party “. “For both candidates, the three priorities remain secularism, Europe and the environmental issue,” he said.

Strategy Difference

But the agreement is less clear on the strategy. While the “system” Baylet electoral alliance with the great socialist brother was questioned with the release in July of the PRG of the Beautiful People’s Alliance of Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, Sylvia Pinel has bothered to repeat that this Saturday the party had to “get in position” to remain independent in 2017. Voire to present its own candidate for president.

“for now, we respect the commitments made with the PS in 2012, our ministers remain in government, “detailed Guillaume Lacroix. But, he said, “2017 is not 2012″. According to him, Sylvia Pinel asked Saturday to militants “to start preparing for the 2017 presidential and begin to look for sponsorship.” However, “we are not irresponsible, we will listen to what the PS has to say to us,” he said, including the question of the distribution of seats in the legislative.

Primary left or not?

This is not the first time the PRG threatens its socialist ally to break the bridges when it takes too boot. In July Jean-Michel Baylet had not appreciated that Jean-Christophe Cambadélis announces primary “without having informed the other founding members” of the Beautiful People’s Alliance (BAP). BAP is “a tool in the hands of the PS to resolve its internal problems. We have nothing more to do with it”, he had condemned.

The PRG has not always also said he would join the primaries which incumbent President Francois Hollande could participate in late January.

Source AFP

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