Thursday, September 8, 2016

Emmanuel Macron defends his social project … and distributes shots – Le Figaro

The former Minister of Economy, who was in Aurillac, says he wants a society that “recreates hope, perspectives”. He did not hide having tasted little frontal attack Bayrou and joked about the PS threats against parliamentarians who support him.

special Envoy in Aurillac

in an old cinema Aurillac converted into a bar, Emmanuel Macron met Wednesday night the inhabitants of Cantal, more or less “running” – the name of his movement – but all curious to meet former Minister of Economy became quasi-presidential candidate. Facing the small congregation of 170 people, Emmanuel Macron was surrounded by three of the four parliamentarians of Cantal: the president of PRG Group in the Senate, Jacques Mézard the Reform Socialist Alain Bernard centrist Calmette and Delcros, near the UDI but anxious independence. Jacques Mézard, which has also issued a statement to reiterate its “freedom of speech and action” that applies “in respect of all.” A message addressed both to the boss of the PS, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, against which he publicly scrap long ago that those who would too quickly classify the senator declared support of a possible future candidate.

Devant the Aurillacois Emmanuel Macron – launched a pre-campaign “immersion” before presenting his project in October – has long defended its social project. A society that “recreates hope, perspectives”; which “can not be reduced to its cultural origin” but is not “multicultural”; in which secularism “is not to fight against a monotheistic religion”, but that requires “full respect for the laws of the Republic.” Not for him, face to Islam radicalized, “of prohibitions campaigns, ukases, cold,” although “judge that the laws of Islam prevail over those of the Republic is a scandal.” In his line of sight as well as Republicans to the right, the Prime Minister Manuel Valls. Knowing full well that it arouses annoyance left, he reiterated his wish to “reform ISF deep or eliminate it.” “It’s not a matter of right or left, is it justified in the margins of the meeting, it is a matter of consistency. Want industrial sovereignty? You must fund it. You need a capital, not to destroy it … “

” When there are more ideas, there is discipline “

Instead shaped, carried by the results of our TNS Sofres-One Point survey giving the head of the left, far ahead of François Hollande, Emmanuel Macron has not hidden have tasted little frontal attack François Bayrou. The mayor of Pau and the boss of the modem on Wednesday accused of concealing “of large financial interests” behind his possible candidacy. “I have never defended big money, this is a simplistic discourse that does not honor the one who emits. And on this subject, I have no lessons from anyone, “retorted Macron, adding that” insult the others attack them, it is not worth project. ” “Those who have nothing to offer the country are especially busy attacking me,” said he even joked to the media on the sidelines of his intervention. “They can continue but that does not say much for the French.” Launched in its tracks, Emmanuel Macron has even joked about a PS that threatens to exclude from its ranks parliamentarians supporting his campaign. “A barrack socialism … When there are more ideas, there is discipline.” The exclusions is reserved for him at the PCF “and obviously this was not their too successful.” Macron promises: “I am an innocent, naive, I do not want to depart from my benevolence.” Everyone, yet took for his rank.


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