Thursday, September 8, 2016

Gas cylinders in a car: a second pair in custody – The Point

A second couple was arrested near Montargis, in Loiret, in the context of the investigation opened after the discovery in Paris of a car containing gas canisters, are we learned source Thursday police. First two suspects arrested on a highway rest area in the South, a man and a woman both known intelligence services to belong to the radical Islamist movement, were also still in custody Thursday morning.

the owner of the car, known for past actions of Islamist proselytism, was released Tuesday night after his detention, but the police are looking for his daughter, which he described to investigators as radicalized. Paris, last weekend, in the Latin Quarter, a few hundred meters from Notre Dame Cathedral, a sedan with the hazard lights and without license plates attracts the attention of a bar worker. He spots a gas cylinder on a seat, according to a police source.

“A notebook in Arabic”

A situation taken very seriously given the context of threats of attacks in France. On the spot, the police find that the bottle in question is empty, but they fall to five full bottles in the trunk of the car parked in a street in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, not far from police headquarters, said a source close to the investigation. No trace however of a firing system.

On Sunday, the anti-terrorist section (SAT) of the Crime Branch and the Directorate General of Internal Security (RPS) are entered. The mayor of the 5th arrondissement Florence Berthout referred in a letter to the Commissioner of Police of Paris, the presence of “a book of notes in Arabic” also found in the car that could “park illegally for more than two hours and, despite several telephone reports sent by a trader to the police. “

” New form of attack “

The terrorism prosecutor of Paris has opened a preliminary investigation to criminal association terrorist criminals. These include whether there was a planned attack or not. For there is the risk of “a new form of attack” with “the deposit of explosives” in places gathering a large crowd, warned the head of the ISB Patrick Calvar May 10 before the Committee on national Defence and the armed Forces of the national Assembly. Before the parliamentary commission investigating the attacks, he had also said “confident” that the jihadists “will rise in power” passing stage “of car bombs and explosive devices”.

multiple attacks for 18 months and the fear of new is straining the country. President François Hollande must speak Thursday on the topic of “democracy to terrorism.” Faced with the temptation of the right to amend the Constitution to fight against terrorism, the president should emphasize “the importance of a response to terrorism within the rule of law, democracy and being faithful to Republican values, freedom, equality, fraternity and secularism but also all participating national cohesion “, according to relatives.

on July 14 in Nice, a Tunisian 31 years killed 86 people pouncing on a truck on the crowd gathered to watch the fireworks national holiday, several months after the killings of 13 November in Paris, during which 130 people were killed.


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