Thursday, September 8, 2016

Terrorism: the disturbing car with gas cylinders near Notre Dame – Le Parisien

A pair radicalized arrested Tuesday was still in custody Wednesday night in the premises of the anti-terrorist section in Paris. Domiciled in Montargis (Loiret), they were stopped on a highway in the Vaucluse area.

U no car containing several gas cylinders, abandoned not far from the Notre-Dame de Paris, in the district of the prefecture of Paris and the courthouse in the tourist heart of the city and … investigators at bay. A preliminary investigation for “criminal association terrorist criminals”, was opened on Monday after Sunday morning around 7:00 discovery of a Peugeot 607 empty, parked the street Bûcherie in V th District . paris

inside the sedan, first responders, police found an empty bottle of gas deposited on the passenger seat, and five other bottles – those ones filled – in trunk . A book with inscriptions in Arabic was also seized. Past the intervention of the police headquarters of miners – who have noted the presence of any explosive device to detonate these bottles filled with gas -, their colleagues in the anti-terrorist section (SAT) of the criminal brigade took over, backed by officers of the Directorate of internal security (RPS).

“This car was left there with the hazard lights on, recounts a source close to the case. Or the mysterious occupants of the Peugeot had taken care to remove the license plates before leaving. It remains to determine the objective of those who placed the bottles in the car before leaving. “

” Everything is scrutinized. Other arrests could occur in the coming hours “

Intrigued by the presence of this vehicle, parked near the Notre-Dame de Paris is a trader who gave the warning. SAT’s investigators quickly identified the owner of the Peugeot 607, not reported stolen before the call. Known services for “old facts of Islamist proselytism”, he was finally released on Tuesday. Two other people, suspected of having abandoned the car in the V th arrondissement, were placed in custody Tuesday morning in the premises of the SAT. Wednesday night, their hearing was still continuing.

This is a man and his companion, domiciled in Montargis (Loiret), but were arrested by men of the brigade research and intervention (BRI), while they were on a motorway service area near Orange (Vaucluse). This couple is known to the intelligence services belonging to the radical Islamist movement. The wife would even be a record S, for “state security”. Last night, nothing had filtered their hearings. “Everything is scrutinized, says the same source. Other arrests could occur in the coming hours. “

Before the commission of National Defence and Armed Forces of the National Assembly on May 10, the head of the ISB Calvar Patrick had mentioned the possibility of” a new form of attack “with” explosives depot “in places assembling a large crowd. Before the parliamentary commission investigating the attacks, the ranking member of the intelligence community had also said “persuaded” that the jihadists “will rise in power” through the stadium “car bombs and explosive devices.” “Once they have projected in our territory for bomb, they can avoid sacrificing their fighters while creating maximum damage,” he said, worried.

“this permanent threat, it’s horrible”

Paris (Ve) yesterday. The car was found at the corner of Little Bridge Street and the street Bûcherie, very tiny cobbled shopping street of this particularly tourism.

“It was staggering. I had an appointment with a friend for a coffee on Sunday to 13 hours, and this car surrounded by police and gas cylinders was there, in the middle of the pedestrian street, is surprised a forty, used the district. She is visibly remained for hours in front of passersby at the foot of sidewalk cafes and restaurants. This would have happened if there had been a firing device? I quickly photographed, and I walked away. “Yesterday, rue Bûcherie tiny busy shopping paved artery nestled on the left bank between the quai de Montebello and the Little Bridge Street (Ve), the Peugeot 607 and disturbing loading feed every conversation.

“Our Lady and the police headquarters are nearby and we are in one of the most prestigious area of ​​Paris, is unimaginable, warns the server of a brewery. How this car was not supported earlier while this is obviously a rather high risk, where patrols are daily? Moreover, several people had reported his presence, rue Bûcherie Sunday at dawn! “A concern shared by Florence Berthout, LR mayor of the fifth arrondissement, who addressed on Tuesday the Police Commissioner, Michel Cadot, to inform him of” that very worrying warning ‘.

” it proves, she adds, that my district, by the thousands of tourists and students that it hosts every day, cruelly lacks manpower. This car has been parked illegally for more than two hours, and, despite several telephone reports to the police. “

In response, the prefecture said it was checking what calls were made and what information was provided. But despite the cars of CRS present in large numbers on both banks of the Seine and the incessant ballet of bikers police, the discovery of the sedan packed gas cylinders brings back dark memories and worst fears. At the foot of the Notre Dame Cathedral, the case had not yet reached the ears of visitors and tourists. Who flabbergasted by learning what has played a few meters away: “It’s scary, Claudine exclaims, sexagenarian Lille came a few days in Paris. Did they want to attack a place of worship? To passersby? It’s horrible to feel weighed this permanent threat … “

Cecile Beaulieu


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