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of party funding Framing: Rocard, this pioneer – Europe1

This is a defensive line that did not fail to surprise. On the first day of his trial, Jérôme Cahuzac, the former budget minister charged with tax evasion and money laundering, said Monday it had opened an account in Switzerland to finance the political ambitions of Michel Rocard in 1992-1993. “He was not aware,” said the former mayor of Villeneuve-sur-Lot. In the process, several voices rose to defend the integrity of former Prime Minister Francois Mitterrand, who died on 2 July.

“The Ethics of Michel Rocard.” “it is his [Jerome Cahuzac, ed] to explain I am sad, and I perhaps would add. disgusted,” said Tuesday on RTL Manuel Valls, who was the advisor to Michel Rocard from 1988 to 1991. “I also know what was ethical Michel Rocard and his entourage,” he added. “Michel Rocard was the only politician on the Paris market, at a time when there were no laws quite clear on party funding, do not need money for their election campaigns? “however, noted in micro Europe 1 Jean-Luc Barré, a relative of the former budget minister and author of Cover-ups. . The True Case Cahuzac For him, “the merits of the case [Cahuzac] is: what his political family knew of the existence of this account, the highest of executive until his original family who are rocardiens? “

These revelations, proven or not, remember in any case the long journey to the transparency of party accounts. A journey which Michel Rocard, precisely, was involved in the early 1990. A slow evolution, marked by numerous scandals, including the latest one could be related to sensational statements of Jerome Cahuzac before his judges.

An initial law in 1988. It took until 1988 before legislation begins to fix the funding of parties and election campaigns, hitherto assumed to be based on the contributions of activists without special supervision. Legal uncertainty which paved the way to the misuse of corporate assets. Following the Luchaire case – the name of a shipping company suspected of illegally participated in the financing of PS – the first law was passed on March 11, 1988. It establishes the principle of public financing of political parties represented in Parliament and the capping of election expenses for parliamentary and presidential.

the Urba earthquake. in the aftermath, the Urba case, a hidden financing of the PS, reveals the scale of illegal practices at work in French politics. Founded in 1971, the company Urba handles billing of fictitious benefits against the award of public contracts in the cities at the hands of the Socialists, the money being paid back into the party coffers. The investigation, which began in 1987 with a search at Marseilles office of the company, are rocking to the halls of the Elysee.

Amnesty Law. 15 January 1990 the law “Rocard” wants to put things flat: it extends capping campaigns in all elections and opens the public funding to non-parliamentary parties. It allows them to benefit from private financing in a ceiling and creates a National Commission for Campaign Accounts and Political Funding. Nevertheless, an amnesty for offenses committed leaders before June 1989, the government incurred the wrath of the opposition and gives the impression of wanting to save in extremis many officials.

“the Wild West”. However, the work of justice continues. “I had an opinion to submit to the Prime Minister: ‘I must say the prosecutor, go ahead, open it was the Wild West, and well discover the Far West And tell us what you will do!’. the Prime Minister was very tempted … “said Henri Nallet, appointed in October 1990 to the Ministry of Justice, in the documentary I call the Minister of Justice . Finally, Michel Rocard would have balked at the pressure of party barons. “He told me. ‘Must be stopped Try to explain to the judges that we will regulate everything, tidy, but for now, it’s not worth to review thirty or forty political leaders “, says Henri Nallet.

the end of corporate donations. consequence of Urba case law Sapin 1, in 1993 attempt to ban corporate donations, but Parliament rejected the measure and is content to see the cap. This is also around this time that Jerome Cahuzac has approached several pharmaceutical giants to find funds for Michel Rocard. “Jerome Cahuzac is part of his inner circle, is related to pharmaceutical companies that are providers of political parties,” said Jean-Luc Barré, still at the microphone in Europe 1. “It organizes visits to Michel Rocard magnates of the pharmaceutical industry which Pierre Fabre “.

in the fall of 1994, the resignation of three ministers forced the coalition government of Edouard Balladur (Alain Carignon, Michel Roussin and Gérard Longuet) implicated in the political and financial affairs, finally pushes politicians to permanently prohibit donations from legal persons. In compensation, reimbursement by the State of campaign expenses is increased to 50% of the spending limit for parties with at least 5% of the vote.

The effect Cahuzac . the latest steps are consecutive foul Cahuzac. The laws of 11 October 2013 on the transparency of public life oblige parliamentarians, local councilors and officials to fill two statements, the first on their heritage and the other interests, sent to the High Authority for the transparency of public life who is responsible to check the accuracy.


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