Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Primary right: Sarkozy does not want to be weakened by his judicial woes – The World

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 Nicolas Sarkozy on 6 September in Poissy.

“no controversy, no deception, no shameful manipulation as it will deter me from my absolute will to build with you a strong alternately candid and perceptible by all french “, said the candidate for the primary from the right for the presidency, at a public meeting in Poissy (Yvelines)

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“Your mother said I’m going to win? She’s right ! “

Previously, Mr. Sarkozy had participated in the afternoon in a round table on the theme of education in a school in Orgeval, in the same department. To students who wanted his autograph, former president of the party Republicans attempted to send an image of serenity. All smiles, he even multiplied the jokes with students

 Nicolas Sarkozy on 6 September at a school in  Orgeval.

While one of them described it as ” chairman “, former President of the Republic took the opportunity to show his confidence in his ability to return to the Elysee, throwing – smiling – for the attention of journalists: “the truth always comes out of the mouths of babes. Successful interrogation! “

Then, before another who apparently slipped him a word of encouragement, he blurted out loud: ” Oh, your mother says I’m going to win? She’s right ! “ The attitude to take was clear: to round back, as if nothing had happened, the day after the announcement of the submissions of the prosecutor who nevertheless is a real blow to his primary campaign .

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