Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Paris: the camp of migrants to open the door of the Chapel – Le Parisien

This center is a first in Europe and corresponds to our values”, welcomed the Socialist Mayor of Paris . Tuesday, Anne Hidalgo lifted the veil on the future migrant camp promised in May.

The humanitarian shelter thousand futures seats will be located on two sites as we révélions as early July. The first located in the north of the capital along the boulevard Ney (XVIII th ), near the door of the Chapel will host the only men “for a period of five to ten days” from the mid-October. Women and children will be sheltered in a center with 350 seats, which will open by the end of the year in Ivry-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne).

the Parisian camp – more advanced than foreseen in the southeast of the capital – will be organized around an inflatable bubble 800 m², reserved primarily for newcomers on the Paris area. Migrants on benefit of a social service and legal assistance as well as a nursing assessment and psychological consultations to be proposed in the health center.

While waiting to be referred to a suitable accommodation, migrants will be sheltered in a large hall. Sea containers installed on both floors of the large building will house rooms and sanitary blocks. “It is not to install online cots in a gym,” said the architect Julien Beller stating that “architecture can be dismantled and transported elsewhere.” “The sites are temporary. They must accommodate two to four years in other projects and it will release them, “added the mayor of Paris recalling the former wasteland SNCF to host the Condorcet campus. The camp management has been entrusted to Emmaus Solidarity

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LR. Jean-Yves Bournazel, elected eighteenth: “For two years, my colleague Christian Honore, I denounce the current situation, which has become the worst situation with the proliferation of informal settlements in the streets, under bridges and under the elevated train north of Paris. Faced with this humanitarian shelter may be the lesser evil. I regret the lack of cooperation of the mayor of Paris who did not consult the elected officials nor the inhabitants. Other places could have been contemplated and would certainly have been more appropriate. “

UDI-MoDem. Eric Azière, head of the group in the Council of Paris: “With the creation of these two aid centers, the City of Paris is proud to welcome the refugees in exceptional conditions of dignity and humanity. The UDI-MoDem group has only one regret, that of not being, like all elected officials, involved more actively involved in the summer, a project that was warmly welcomed. It is now appropriate to include this issue across the Grand Paris. “

FN. Wallerand de Saint Just, secretary of the federation of Paris: “No need to be a Cassandra to know that this looming boulevard Ney is a new” jungle “from add extra uncertainty to a neighborhood already riddled with prostitution, drug trafficking and insecurity. “


2. The sites will be located future refugee camps. The first will be built on reclaimed land from the train located at the Porte de la Chapelle (XVIII) north of Paris. The second is located on the grounds of the former factory of the waters of Ivry-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne), southeast of Paris,

1 000. places ultimately the migrant camp. The capacity of the Paris site will increase from 400 to 600 places by the end of the year. The site of Ivry-sur-Seine will host 350 women and children by the end of December or early January.

€ 6.5 million. The budget of investment of the door of the chapel site that will be covered at 80% by the city of Paris, the rest being financed by the state. The City and State also co-finance – in equal parts – the operating budget (€ 2.4 million per year in total)

27 The number of operations.. of “sheltering” that were organized in the capital by the services of the Prefecture of Île-de-France on June 2, 2015. on July 22, about 2500 migrants were evacuated to Paris. They had found refuge along Boulevard de la Villette.


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