Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Supervisors attacked Bilal T., jihad missed in prison Osny – Le Figaro

Sunday, at the time of his departure for a walk, the alleged assailant, held in the unit of prevention of radicalization, had wounded two guards with a craft knife.

Bilal T., who wounded two guards Sunday at Osny prison in the Val-d’Oise, was always heard by investigators Wednesday. Since the weekend, the profile of the man emerges gradually. Judicial sources describe it as “manipulative” and “liar.” For Bilal T. is known of justice. In March 2016, he was sentenced to five years in prison for trying to reach Syria.

Born in Trappes, the young man of 24 years began to be radicalized during summer 2014, according to Le Monde . Cook holds a CAP, Bilal T. had seen his two brothers before him from Syria. Early 2015, he met two other young people who wish to rally the land of jihad. All three decide to leave together. Bilal T. embeds his partner and child two months after Express . Their departure is January 17, 2015, ten days after the Charlie Hebdo attacks . On board a Renault Scénic, they cross Europe. In their luggage they took care to slip fake Invitations to a wedding in Turkey believe that this technique will allow them to spend borders unhindered. But their journey stops short 21 January 2015 in Turkey, when the car rolled several times, 400 kilometers from the Syrian border. They are hospitalized and placed in a detention center before being returned to France in March 2015.

In February 2016, all four appear before the 16th criminal court of Paris. At the bar, the partner of T. Bilal, who is none other than the niece of Laidouni Ahmed, a veteran of jihad says they met in 2013, their religious marriage, their son. She remorseful: “How could I be stupid enough to want to go there?” Says the young woman of 22 years. “Somewhere, fortunately there was the accident.” His remarks were reported by Le Monde , who attended the hearing. Before the judges, Bilal T. denies having wanted to join the Islamic State. The death in November 2014, one of his brothers in Syria, would have dissuaded. He says instead that he wanted to go to convince his other brother, Abdelhafid, to return to France. In that case, why leave with wife and child? “It’s hard to believe, I understand,” he replied.

The presiding judge also asked about his future. To this question, Bilal T. replied laconically: “I do not know.” “You plan to leave France again?” Insisted the president. “No,” assured the young father, according to Express . Judges follow the requisitions prosecutors and sentenced him to five years in prison for conspiracy to commit terrorist acts. Incarcerated in the prison of Bois d’Arcy in Yvelines, it will ultimately be transferred to the prison of Osny in Val-d’Oise in 2016.

A survey was opened for “attempted assassination person holding public authority in relation to a terrorist enterprise”. Apart from Bilal T., three other detainees were remanded in custody. The police want including whether they had any knowledge of a project of aggression. They also wonder if Bilal T. had links Larossi Abballa, the killer couple of Magnanville police on June 16, 2016. He had, in a video, encouraged to run … police and prison officers.


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