Wednesday, September 7, 2016

What is known of gas cylinders found in a car in Paris – USAinformations

A car containing several gas cylinders was found in the heart of Paris on the night of Saturday to Sunday. Suspicious discovery that triggered a terrorism investigation and the arrest of two people still in custody, Wednesday, September 7.

USAinformations incorporates the known elements of the investigation.

Where was he found the car?

According to Le Figaro , which reveals the case, the e suspect vehicle, a Peugeot 607, was parked at 43 rue de la Bûcherie, in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, on the left bank the Seine, within 200 meters as the crow flies from the Notre Dame Cathedral. In this small street parking prohibited in the vehicle, the hazard warning lights flashing, drew the attention of a neighbor, “bar employee,” according to Europe 1. On one of the seats was a gas cylinder .

in a letter to the police commissioner, and published by Le Figaro , the borough mayor Florence Berthout (LR) refers to Moreover “several phone alerts sent to the police station of the district” . The police then sent a bomb squad.

What investigators found inside?

On site, the deminers found that the gas bottle was empty before discovering five, full in the chest. The car was free of any occupant, as abandoned” , said a source quoted by Le Figaro , adding that “the canisters were not connected to any detonator, no pyrotechnic string” . Le Figaro and Express also report “a slip on which are inscribed the Arabic words “ and is ” always being translated “. Notably, reported by a witness who spotted the vehicle: the car does not wear plates

What do we know of. involved in the case?

Several people were taken into custody, but the identities of the suspects remain unclear Wednesday night.

the owner of the vehicle. the owner of the car, who was taken into custody, was released Tuesday night. He was known for past actions of Islamist proselytism, says AFP. According to Express this man domiciled in Seine-Saint-Denis” went to the police station ” to report the disappearance of his daughter “.

the daughter of the owner of the vehicle? Since the revelation of the case Le Figaro on Wednesday, several media reported “a person stuck S”. According to The information Express , it is the daughter of the owner of the vehicle. The young woman is sought.

A couple in police custody. They were arrested Tuesday on a highway rest area, near Orange (Vaucluse). The man, aged 34, and his partner 29 years old were accompanied by three small children aged 3 to 6 years. They are both known to the police and intelligence services, for membership in the radical Islamist movement, according to information gathered by USAinformations.

Their precise relationship with the young woman sought still to be determined, but according to Express , they would be “close” . Several media say it is the last user of the vehicle found in Paris, they abandoned before fleeing. They were about to go to Spain at the time of interception and 36 were transferred to the Quai des Goldsmiths there to be interviewed” confirm Le Figaro .

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