Tuesday, December 30, 2014

6 SDF died since Saturday because of the cold snap – L’Observateur

6 SDF died since Saturday because of the cold snap – L'Observateur

A Belgian homeless was found dead on 30 December in a yard of Rodez, Aveyron, where he was sheltered. This is the sixth person to die homeless in France since the cold wave plaguing much of the country.

Man 42 years died in Rodez was found dead around 13:30 by firefighters, alerted by an individual. He had made a makeshift shelter with materials from one site to stop for a few days. On site, Rodez police found several empty bottles of alcohol.

Investigators favor the hypothesis of a death from hypothermia, but the cause of death is still being determined, pending an examination by a forensic doctor that will take place on Wednesday.

The homeless had been hosted for about a month, until November 1, in a center for homeless Rodez, said the prefecture, without being able to say why he left this center . The plan “Green vigilance”, set up to temperatures between 0 and -10 degrees, is in force in Aveyron. It provides for the passage of a marauding four times a week, but the presence of the Belgian SDF was unknown. It was becoming invisible from the outside, housed in the covered and fenced yard, said the prefecture.

Richard Mir, chief of the prefecture, said that 300 accommodation places for emergency had been made available. “Today, we get to meet identified needs,” he said at a press conference, noting that the hotels that can be requisitioned if necessary, have so far not needed to be. Temperatures dropped to -8 degrees in the night of Monday to Tuesday in Rodez.

Three other homeless away from the cold

Three other homeless died of cold since Saturday in Paris, Douai (North), Rodez and the Alpes-Maritime.

A homeless man died Sunday night “manifestly” because of the cold, in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, will on Tuesday from the services of the city of Paris. The man, aged 50, was found at about 21 hours instead of Colonel Bourgoin by the emergency services, “in a state of hypothermia,” and has a heart attack when we provided first aid in the medical vehicle has is it the same source.

The person “has not solicited the services of 115″, who had approached a few days ago, is it said.

A Belgian SDF 46 years is too frozen to death Sunday morning in his tent in Mandelieu-la-Napoule in the Alpes-Maritimes, announced Tuesday the Prefecture.

“The death was due to the cold, combined with alcohol,” informed the prefecture. In the night from Saturday to Sunday, Mandelieu-La Napoule had been swept by a cold strong wind, probably causing a fatal hypothermia man highly alcoholic, said the municipal police.

We had already learned Monday that SDF died Saturday at Douai (Nord), probably from hypothermia.

Two killed in a fire at a squat

Furthermore, two homeless people died Tuesday morning in a fire in a squat in Brie-Comte-Robert (Seine-et-Marne) in which they had probably found refuge from the cold and where they are likely to have tried to make a fire, do we police said.

The fire broke out around 5:30 in the disused building located thirty kilometers east of the capital. “The bodies of two men, two homeless, were found charred inside. We think they took refuge there from the cold,” said the source.


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