Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Annoyed, a sexagenarian causes a false bomb threat at … – TF1

Annoyed, a sexagenarian causes a false bomb threat at … – TF1

Two days before Christmas, the false bomb threat had forced the closure for six hours, the Super U Chissay-en-Tourain. Enormous damage to the store, estimated at least 100,000 euros.

A woman of about sixty years was sentenced Tuesday by the Criminal Court Blois to have triggered a false bomb threat. The investigators’ suspicions were directed first to the husband of the sixties, aged 63, whose phone was used to pass the malicious call. Tried the following day in immediate appearance, the man, who denied the charge, was acquitted for lack of evidence.
Investigators became interested by his wife of 68 years, surprised a few days earlier stealing food in the supermarket. She was then forced to pay his theft of only 21 euros, without further proceedings.

Placed in custody and tried before the Criminal Court of Blois Tuesday morning, the sexagenarian who had not come to the aid of her husband when he was involved in his place, confessed to the facts. She explained that she wanted revenge of the store and have specifically targeted this holiday season, knowing that attendance would be very high.

She was sentenced to six months suspended sentence. The prosecution had asked two months in prison.


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